Sunday, October 23, 2005

Root out Conservative cronyism!

Janet Daley skirts around the problem in her article in today's Sunday Telegraph , linked from here.

The rest of the media have been, sometimes timidly, other times more obviously (such as this item in the Telegraph click here) making the same point - that the media darling and conservative leadership candidate David Cameron 'has no clothes'

And there in a nutshell is the country's problem epitomised!

The Tory Party that propelled Old Etonian David Cameron into Leadership favourite with one of their safest seats in the country inherited from fellow Old Etonian Douglas Hurd ( probably one of the most disastrous Foreign Secretaries in the nation's history), with apparently few other earler or subsequent qualifications than advising Norman Lamont during the country's crashing out of the ERM and partly penning the awful manifesto for the election just past, is in no state to be the main opposition to the present government!

The ninety Tory MP's who voted for Cameron should now be probed to fully explain their motives and reasons for so doing to their Constituency Associations. Where there is the slightest suspicion that either cronyism, possible future preferment or even capitulation to establishment pressure were motives in their decision - deselection, for which much time now remains available, seems the best option.

Conservative Constituency Associations for such MPs seem like a worthwhile area of spare time activity for true democrats in the coming years. Party attempts to limit the membership vote, and how far it is prepared to go to achieve the installation of its obvious puppet, widely reported this weekend, clearly indicate how low the Conservative Party has presently sunk.

Cameron's background and career to date, like so many within the party (not least Sir Michael Spicer, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, who ran the leadership election) screams out to the world at large the true depth and nature of the Tory Party's problems. Even at this early stage in the countrywide campaign, the establishment pressure for Cameron to succeed is self-evident while the attempts to hide his obvious flaws become ever more absurd.

In my opinion only by David Davis making this into a real bare knuckled fight and highlighting these facts will the country receive the kind of opposition any democracy deserves!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Self-confessed drug user Cameron's central office allies move to disenfranchise membership!

Ninety Tory MPs will have to increasingly learn to live WITH the reality of their unprincipled and opportunistic vote for this shallow man, who within hours of topping the Conservative Party second poll for leader, effectively admitted a youthful use of drugs - a fact about which - he had ducked, dived and weaved during the Commons campaign.

No wonder the old party stalwarts, who must be looking in his direction for continuance of their stipends, are now set to take the kind of disgraceful steps as reported by the press below.

The Tory establishment dirty tactics have already begun. as may be read in the full report (click here) from The Times - of which the following is but a brief quote:

Reports this morning suggested that as many as 60,000 of the 300,000 members across Britain may not receive a ballot paper when they are sent out in a fortnight’s time. Members who pay less than £15 a year to the party or have joined since 1998 may not get a vote, while husbands and wives who have joint membership may receive only one ballot paper, the BBC reported.

Christopher Montgomery, who led the Better Choice campaign that saw off Mr Howard's plan for his successor to be chosen solely by MPs, said that the number of ballots was "not going to be anything close" to the total membership and accused Francis Maude, the party chairman, of trying to boost Mr Cameron's chances.

"It’s an open secret that Francis and the outgoing leader would prefer David Cameron to win. They are the people who originally didn’t want the mass membership to get a vote," Mr Montgomery said.

"Now they are the people who are going to determine who among the mass membership gets a vote. There are moves afoot in Central Office to disenfranchise tens of thousands of Tory members. You don’t have to be too much of a cynic to say the people who are going to be disenfranchised might tend to be more at one end of the party than the other."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Second ballot - A Good Result for Britain!

Cameron 90, Davis 57 and Fox 51 ensures that no case can be made by the so-called 'modernisers' to claim they have majority support among MPs.

For me it is now inconceivable that David Davis can falter and not show the other David for the flash in a new and empty pan that he seems to be! Cameron's sparse biography, which may be read by clicking on this link to epolitix, must surely make this immediately clear.

If Cameron can gain a majority amongst the clearer thinking and more sensible electorate of the mainstream Conservative members after six weeks of hustings, then he might well have the potential his backers allege or perhaps merely prove that Davis is as lacking in substance as his conference speech left many to believe. An Old Etonian background remains hugely problematical particularly if the possibilty of a rapidly declining economy becomes reality, with Brown then likely being ditched as a scapegoat - and recession then causing privilege to again become a matter of resentment - a not unlikely scenario and one easily to be exploited by other New Labour contenders for Blair's position!

Dr Fox fought a good fight but for me his nationality and accent made his rejection presently necessary. The Shadow Foreign Secretary has, however, now probably eclipsed William Hague in importance within the Conservative Party.

The Radio 4 PM programme this evening reported a Tory MP as stating that ideology in the party was dead. Effectively this seems correct, further strengthening my earlier advice (on my specialist blogs immediately after the last election to UKIP and Veritas Party members) to join the Conservative Party to have a say in the choice of the next Prime Minister.

That apparently opportunistic advice still holds true today, but if David Cameron wins (is he really Eurosceptic as frequently reported today?) then a switch to the Lib/Dems to have a say in their next leader might become a possibility! Why not? In a political world without principle or policy, those who believe in a best way forward must look to the best means of securing their ends. UKIP with Davis leading the Conservatives will become an even greater irrelevance.

In the meantime serious eurosceptics should be within the Conservative Party. Davis's wobbling on the EPP illustrates the need for strong grass roots agitation on the EU - the suggestion that such a major policy and financial decision should be left to the MEPs is both absurd and disingenuous!

In the battle for our democracy and against the EU, party loyalty counts for nothing, the best means to restore our sovereignty must be the major consideration.

Gordon Brown or the Lib/Dems could even become the best means in securing that end.

When politicians merely follow fads through focus groups then common sense may again prevail!

Ninety Tory MPs today showed their lack of mettle!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clarke finally finished!

Another minister from the disastrous Major administration mercifully gets his come-uppance ending last with 38 votes in the first round of the most recent Conservative Party leadership battle.

David Davis at 62 votes is now clearly in trouble with Liam Fox needing to pick up a mere further eleven Davis supporters to make it into the run-off against David Cameron who now looks a certainty as the runner-up in the broader membership ballot. (Assuming that inexperienced and unpolicied Old Etonian gathers all the clearly politically challenged Clarke votes)

Dr Fox now needs to address the major problem of how - as a very obvious Scot- he will counter the problems of a potential General Election contest between himself and other main parties led by fellow Scots. An Englishman leading the Lib/Dems in such a scenario would be the safest bet as the first post-New Labour PM. Gordon Brown will need little time as PM to immediately highlight the present inequities of the Scotland vs England political status quo.

If David Davis can play on that point and appreciate the cause of Dr Fox still remaining in the contest is a direct result of his own lack of robustness on the EU question, then he might yet survive.

In all events the Conservative Party looks condemned to irrelevance - who can shed a tear after looking at the pattern of votes today?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Clarke becomes the bookies outsider

Kenneth Clarke's odds go out to 12 - 1, were Rifkind's and Ancram's endorsements the 'kiss of death'?

Meantime the new front runner has attracted the following constructive criticism from Frank Johnson in today's Daily Telegraph:

Only one candidate knows just how dangerous policies are

Never mind about him and drugs. What about him and policies? That is what supporters of David Davis, Kenneth Clarke and Liam Fox ask about David Cameron. He showed brilliantly at the party conference that he has a speech. But has he ever had a policy?

Mr Cameron's reply can be imagined: "I'm not prepared to answer that question. I might once have had a policy; not that this should be taken as confirmation that I ever did.

"But if I did, it was before I knew I was going to become a politician.

"I went to a fairly ordinary secondary school near Slough. I probably did a lot of things there that I now regret.

"But I don't see why I should answer questions about them. I know how the media operate. If I confirmed that I had one policy, they would ask me if I had another. Then another.

"Before long, I would be having to say how much I really would cut taxes or where I stood on the Iraq war. These are personal matters.

"I didn't become Tory leadership favourite in a week by having policies. I did it by making lots of people think that I was in favour of their policy, and because Davis's speech flopped."

Later, Mr Cameron would issue a statement saying that a very close member of his family had a policy, and it didn't do that person any good.

That is all the more reason why he is the candidate who understands that policies are dangerous.

Leave the boy alone, I say.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Malcolm Rifkind withdraws

One report may be read from this link.

Speaks volumes on Michael Ancram having thrown his illusionary weight behind him in what seems just a few mere hours ago.

Is there no Tory contender with vision and perception as to the real problems of the country and the really rather simple means to put things right? Two days left to try your luck.....are David Davis, David Cameron, Kenneth Clarke and the scottish encumbered Dr Liam Fox really such powerful talents. Stronger men are there but they lack the guts to step forward - WHY for heavens sake? Nominations close on Thursday

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ignoring the blindingly obvious

Just as the Conservative Party disastrously fooled itself into believing that the general public would change its widely held belief that Michael Howard could not be trusted, so it appears from this week's mainstream media it is about to do the same in the latest selection of their leader.

If reports are to be believed David Davis was probably sunk by his own conference speech leaving David Cameron and Dr Liam Fox a chance of making it into the membership ballot.

Remembering the most likely principal opponent in the next General Election is Gordon Brown, can the Tories really contemplate being led into such a contest by another Scot? What an opportunity for the Lib/Dems to finally consign the Tories to history by picking a leader to replace their own Scot, Charles Kennedy with a very English leader such as Simon Hughes then being able to trade on historic liberal principals of individual liberties to attack this most authoritarian and anti-democratic government.

On the other hand can the Tories seriously imagine painting themselves as a reformed and modernised party under the leadership of yet one more Old Etonian? Even if he can spout double talk in a class almost the equal of Tony Blair? They may well delude themselves as they have before, but the electorate will not be similarly fooled, (even if David Cameron is as brilliant as his supporters profess) for the electorate his schooling will render him unelectable. What a gift for Gordon!

Kenneth Clarke and David Davis are thus all that is left and neither performed in Blackpool in a manner that gives any indication whatsoever as to their ability to beat New Labour.

Hopefully another candidate will materialise before nominations close on Thursday, if not the country seems set to continue without any realistic political opposition.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Good riddance!

Michael Howard's farewell speech to his party is reported upon in the Daily Telegraph and that may be read from this link.

Howard epitomised the John Major years by refusing to retract obvious inaccuracies deliberately made to parliament over Home Office computers - thus setting the tone for ever untruthful New Labour. Peter Oborne's book on the acceptance of lying in our present political system underplayed that point.

Where is our political opposition? None will come from any candidate Michael Howard might endorse, is my gut feeling!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dr Liam Fox on Radio Four "Today"

The interview was on this morning's programme at seven thirty and may be re-run using the BBC's Play Again facility from this link.

No surprise, listening to this, that Dr Fox is now increasingly seen as the dark horse candidate!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A true Conservative alternative

Rather than blaming the lack of an economic slump on the Tory misfortunes as Michael Howard is quoted as doing in today's Daily Telegraph, a small group of Conservative MPs (with a contribution from the straight thinking MEP Roger Helmer) have instead prepared a series of policy options which seek to remedy some of the major problems confronting Britain. These may be read in PDF format by clicking on the title of the pamphlet: Being Conservative: A cornerstone of policies to revive Britain

Further details of the Cornerstone Group may be found from this link to their homepage.