Friday, March 31, 2006

Cameron's Conservative MEPs still in the EPP

The mainly Christian Democrat and German led EPP met for their annual conference in Rome and decided the EU Constitution should be re-submitted as it now stands.

The BBC World at One reporter reckons Cameron's clowns will still be in the EPP group this time next year and this in spite of their supposed party leader's promise to have them out before last Christmas.

The German Pope addressed the EPP delegates to add a final touch of farce to this total insult to voting Tory party members. Read that report from this link.

The Telegraph this morning reports Vapid's support fell two points this month and once again the party is behind Labour .... even with Tessa Jowell and the loans scandal surrounding Tony Blair.

Don't say you weren't warned!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


After the policy speech, chat show exposure and Vapid's interview on Radio Four this morning...... how can any honest Tory MP elected on the manifesto of 2006 (or those before), now remain within the con party?

This question seems particularly applicable to the earlier PARTY LEADERS now serving under the ever slimier, ever ostensibly greener but now self-confessesd ..... disposable nappy addict .... David Cameron.

If only his use of other harmful substances could have produced such honesty!

This blog guesses that in view of the clear character weaknesses and suggestions of past uncontrolled excesses of the present Tory leader his indecent trumpeting of his devotion to rather frumpy wife and three toddlers will bring about his early disgrace in some kind of sex scandal sensation. He seems ripe for a typical News of the World ' sting' operation! For Britain the sooner the better perhaps - but where is any obvious successor to the present opportunistic and shameless Leader of the Opposition?

Oh my Goodness! I hope not the equally pale and shallow looking Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer......... what think the likes of Paterson, Redwood ever we will never know!