Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Double Policy Adviser and 'A' Lister Savaged????

What a thoroughly nasty piece of work David Cameron is turning out to be!

Not that this blog is surprised of course!

We have been warning conservatives since he first looked likely to gain the party leadership.

Dump Dave and the sooner the better! Confused then read this or this or look at the comments on Conservative Home from here.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Frank Field in yesterday's Telegraph

The article may be read here and concludes with this question:

But why is David Cameron so reluctant to show his referendum card in the long game of political poker with the PM, to which his position inevitably commits him?

My guess, because he has already sold out to the EU

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doing for David Cameron's Conservatives

I have submitted the following comment to Simon Heffer's column in today's Daily Telegraph on the non-retreat to the 'Comfort Zone':

Why this defeatism?

Cameron is incompetent and CAN be removed. One means might be for enough remaining real conservatives in the party to demand an urgent inquiry into the conduct of the last leadership election which clearly breached many internationally accepted requirements for running a fair ballot.

Cameron, while not responsible for these breaches could be put in mind to step down in favour of the loser if he was shown that he now lacked general support.

The runner up (the MPs second choice) could then take over without the mess of another party election or accusations of yet another party leadership change.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crisis what Crisis?

David Cameron in far off Rwanda (more on that in the post below) after denying he has leadership problems (read those remarks in a report from the Telegraph from here) has now been publicly criticised by a major party donor, Lord Kalms in the FT, linked here, from which I quote:

David Cameron came under fire from a major Tory donor on Monday for the first time in his 19 months as Conservative leader, amid an intensifying rightwing backlash within the party.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Lord Kalms, the former Tory party treasurer, said he was “disillusioned to a substantial degree” with Mr Cameron. He warned that the leader “has not quite got the party behind him at the moment”.

“This is the summer of our discontent,” said Lord Kalms, life president of the electrical retailer DSG International. “We’re having a very bad period. What we should do is pack up and come back in the autumn.”

Cameron at the Rwanda Memorial

I posted the following on the Conservative Home blog this morning:

The photograph that DC presumably went to Rwanda to obtain may be viewed from the following link:

Link to blog with picture of Cameron at open grave of Rwandan genocide.

I am glad to see it has not yet received much press coverage as it should surely be considered a shameful episode by true conservatives. Just imagine the thought processes that had to be gone through for this bit of supposed positive PR.

The picture will be seen by many as an attempt to gain party advantage on the back of the most obscene massacre of recent years.

The arguments by Janet Daley yesterday in the 'Telegraph' to retain DC might stand up in normal politics. But with such tawdry gestures and the looming EU Constitution these are not normal times. Keeping Cameron in post will assure future such questionable moral gaffes as the election eventually approaches.

The floods should have provided an opportunity for wiser advice to prevail and the trip to be canceled. Littlejohn had started his attacks earlier and the web was alive with adverse comment. The fact it went ahead even when a golden opportunity had arrived to backtrack makes the whole Cameron team appear even less competent.

Surely there will now be enough Tory MPs feeling the same inner revulsion at this posturing by the grave of the slaughtered to force a contest for a new leader.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cameron's flooded constituency

According to The Times he was actually there before apparently fleeing for Rwanda, I quote from this link but was it really filed today?? Cameron normally doesn't do Sunday politics?

David Cameron, today visiting Whitney, the main town in his Oxfordshire constituency, said that serious questions needed to be asked about Britain’s flood defence systems, which he said were sorely lacking at the moment.

He said “We have to ask why the flood defence budget was cut last year.”

Mr Cameron also said he would like to know why flood defense resources have so often been many miles away from where they are needed during recent days. “People want answers,” he added.

Were he not part of the EU conspiracy against an independent Britain one might believe this questioning was genuine. In fact he well knows the answer, the flood defense budget was savaged to pay the huge fine inflicted on DEFRA when under Margaret Becket's leadership for late EU subsidy payments to farmers, possibly as a result of Gordon Brown's 'save a penny anywhere' policy while running just Britain's Treasury.

This scandal was repeatedly reported upon in one of my other blogs Ironies Too, linked here from which I quote :

EU fines - MP calls for resignations

Finally the fiasco and fines of DEFRA on which we posted here, here and here are receiving some sparse mainstream media coverage - for example here in an item titled 'Beckett should be sacked'...

But Dave was silent and the matter allowed to pass, now his constituents and hundreds of thousands of others must pay the price. Cameron should ask himself, "why do I allow myself to remain silent on the misrule of the EU?"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Six chances - six refusals!

David Cameron blew all six opportunities to nail the PM on the EU Constitution at Question Time today and threw away each and every one on early prison releases. The latter may seem important but at the end of the day we are only talking about a matter of 18 days of extra freedom for men whose time is already nearly up.

For Britain, with this opposition, the time seems certainly up.

Government/BBC lies and the EU 'Reform' Treaty

At PM questions today David Cameron must raise the issue of the state propaganda machine now clearly in operation to force through the so-called EU 'Reform' Treaty. Soon the Commons will take its long summer recess until October by when the final version of the Constitution will have been agreed. That fact must not be ignored.

If David Cameron again ducks the issue today it will be perfectly clear that under his leadership, his party - The Conservative Party - is conspiring with the Government and the Lib/Dems to destroy the British Parliamentary system and hand what most consider the mainstay of sovereignty, Foreign Affairs, to powers beyond the control and borders of these one time nations presently known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The outrageous lie of the new Foreign Secretary, detailed here, last Sunday with links to the European Council mandate, repeated here, was subsequently confirmed by the BBC transcript of its programme as I reported and linked here.

I will be emailing a copy of this posting to the Conservative Party official site and the Conservative Home blog. If the Tory Party leadership fudges the opportunity to hold the new PM (freshly returned from Berlin and Paris) to account over the outrageous lying of his Foreign Secretary they will not be realistically able to claim that they were unaware of what transpired last Sunday morning.

Update....The E-mail has been received as may be seen here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tory candidate is Labour donor

Cameron's Conservatives now go from the puerile to the totally inept - read this and despair for Britain's prospects for any proper governance.