Monday, December 21, 2009

This might make one think!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cameron and Hague shamed as Ashcroft named a Tax Non-Dom in the Commons!

What can the Conservatives possibly be thinking of to have a Deputy Chairman who was always certain to attract this kind of attention as the election approached. Read the Evening Standard report from here?????
Crazed Cameron commits 20 billion non-existent cash on climate con.

Watch the video I posted last evening and then marvel at the article in The Guardian this morning, linked here, which is the apt vehicle to demonstrate Vapid Cameron's latest demonstration of his having cast off from reality.

The business editor of the Daily Telegraph has a much more realistic, albeit thinly veiled, warning as to the real danger now facing the nation, namely civil unrest following sovereign debt default, read here.

As Cameron has himself rashly stated Britain is virtually bankrupt, just where does he imagine he will find 20,000,000,000 pounds to spend on climate gimmicks. Yesterday huge cuts were announced in Britain's defence spending to buy just 22 helicopters which will arrive too late for the purpose for which they are today required. Meanwhile the necessary cuts are only forecast to yield 900,000,000 pounds.

Cameron's government, if elected, will be facing deficits right across all the public services which most of the public consider untouchable. Yet he proposes ring fencing overseas aid? How does he imagine he is going to pay out the dole, the teachers, the police... Lord Ashcroft's charitable donations from his legitimate UK businesses perhaps?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lord Monkton on the Climate Con!

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT on Vimeo.

Gerald Howarth MP is latest to be publicly shamed

The Shadow Defence Minister, Gerald Howarth MP, read here, was the latest to be humiliated on the TV Politics Show today.

The small group of financially driven individuals, seeking to gain power by coercing the now clearly reluctant Vapid Cameron to stand for the premiership, claimed another one-time previously fairly unsullied political scalp today. This follows the public humiliation of Philip Hammond MP, which occurred yesterday as reported below.

Howarth was repeatedly asked as Shadow Defence Minister whether he would ring fence defence spending from cuts while Overseas Development continued untouched as is the electorally gimmicky stance of the Cameroons. Lamentably the only response in supposed defence of his non-stance he could offer was that he was a Conservative.

Andrew Neil's tone of contempt when he retorted that he already knew that, carried every ounce of loathing that the nation must feel for a once proud party whose senior members are one by one called to crawl through the mire and traduce any principle they once may have claimed, to place into power the mostly nameless men and women of the so-called Cameroons who allow this charade to continue.
Cameroon's trash last traces of decency in lust for PM's powers

The ICM poll headlined in today's Guardian, linked here, show a further fall in support for the main opposition party to a Government that has lost every shred of respect throughout the country.

This poll was mostly taken before the weekend disaster of the phony parliamentary full taxation announcement made by Cameron on Sunday morning (see our two posts immediately beneath this).

This was also before Philip Hammond, one of the only effective Shadow Cabinet members, was sent forth into the broadcast studios of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and the BBC 2 TV Daily Politics Show, to completely destroy any future political effectiveness he may once of possessed by uselessly trying to defend the indefensible in support of the tax status of the unspeakable.

The country requires an effective opposition. The Conservatives under Cameron, (who apparently now even lacks the drive to crave the post of PM, my view is that he is now in a complete funk over the gravity of the situation he will face), are now allowing not only the party name defining the previous philosophy of its one-time supporters to be suborned to Blairism, but also trashing the probity of even its still decent members on whom the hope for a national revival should depend!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cameron is unfit to Lead

Earlier today I reported on the ill-considered, indeed lunatic, announcement from the leader of the main opposition party that in future he expects his supporters in the Commons and Lords to pay their taxes.

What he said was bad enough as may now be viewed on the Sky News web site linked here, but on further reflection the manner of its presentation was even worse.

Cameron appeared not only as every inch a person of zero drive and ambition, clearly evident in every word he spoke, but worse still, dressed as a man without the slightest intention, or indeed interest, in ever leading a country. Well certainly not one carrying any clout in the World.

Visit the website yourself, while still available to see what I mean ....... anybody seeking a part-time gardener in Witney or environs in Oxfordshire???????? They know where to look!
Cameron to clampdown on Zac and Ashcroft after the election!

An extraordinarily stupid announcement, even by Cameron's standards has just been announced on Sky News by the Conservative Party leader:

Once elected he will pass a law requiring all parliamentarians to be proper UK Tax Payers, he thus at a stroke confirms:

AAA First he wants to buy the elections courtesy of the money from the likes of Ashcroft and Zac!

BBB He accepts that not all conservative candidates or peers are presently full UK tax payers.

This from a man who supposes himself to have the integrity to lead the Nation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Seeking an Alternative!!

A BBC poll reported on The Daily Politics today had the Conservative Party economic team leaders only trusted by 33 per cent of respondents for handling the economy.

Amazing that one third of the electorate are still taken in by the two incompetents, Cameron and Osborne, after the latest release of expense details!

How, night after night on the Television News programmes are Cameron and Osborne silent as typically this eveninf, the MOD budget is reported 6 billion out of funds, the A400M programme alone being billions overspent as it makes its first long delayed maiden flight, the Gilts market in turmoil etc., etc., etc.

Those of us hoping for a reasonable alternative might take heart from a rumour coming my way this evening, namely that an Alliance of Euro-sceptic, Pro English Parliament, Anti-Sleaze parties is emerging for the 2010 General Election expected to fight approximately 360 seats in the General Election in Great Britain.

It is expected to be named “Alliance for Democracy” they apparently include the following:

Christian Party

English Democrats

Jury Team

Popular Alliance


Veritas (I had not realised this latter still existed either!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Country Careering towards Chaos and Collapse

The Darling Pre-Budget Report yesterday in Parliament was a disaster!

The disgraceful deceit which underlay its every paragraph was a fitting culmination for twelve and a half years of deception which has turned the entire government machine into a self-serving machine to deliver and finance the ever-deeper decadence of the close-knit, mainly Scottish group at its centre.

The following passage apparently ignored by the mainstream media this morning is telling:

As a result, I am today able to offer guaranteed minimum real-terms increases in front-line NHS and schools spending for two years from 2011, as well as providing sufficient funding to maintain the number of police and community support officers. That means that I can confirm not just that we will increase spending as planned next year on hospitals, schools and policing, but we can pledge that spending on these crucial front-line services will continue to rise over and above inflation
9 Dec 2009 : Column 371
after 2010-11, so that we can meet the improved public service guarantees and entitlements that we have set out. There will of course be Barnett consequentials for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The proof of the emptiness underlying the plans was further evidenced by the shameful interview provided to the BBC Today programme on Radio 4 this morning by Alistair Darling.

The problem for the English nation, who have now been clearly warned that yet more years of financial chicanery is planned, is that the leaders of the two main opposition parties, who may now well share power after the election, is that both have been picked by their party members for their similarity to that supreme confidence trickster Tony Blair.

Cameron and Clegg, therefore, not only seem to both lack character and experience but apparently are most adept at the glib presentation of inconsequential but eye-catching fads. Neither, it must be suspected from their backgrounds and actions may be expected to champion the English in their present situation of financial servitude to the nations at the periphary of the British Isles. ( Indeed thefirst and only truly substantive policy statement yet heard from Cameron was that the Barnett Formula was untouchable).

New Labour now have a few more months to further wreck Britain.

The tragedy for England and therefore Britain, is that there is as yet no leading opposition figure who appears to have the chance to emerge to put things to rights.

Members of the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties can act now to remove Clegg and Cameron or sit back and await the misery that the PBR makes clear is now heading straight towards them.

In the personal certainty no such thing will happen, can we now see more robust and honest campaigning on the economy from the UKIP and the English Democrats? Please

(Post copied to UKIP Uncovered Blog and the English Democrats via email)

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Times Populus Poll has Tory lead cut to 8%

Hope appears for the country as 'Dave' Cameron enters the area of polling where even the blinkered Tories may consider a change of Leader and more importantly party direction.

Read the strangely reported results in The Times from here.
Ken Clarke deliberately sold out Britain - Bruges Group

Excerpts from the latest Bruges Group report are as follows:

British taxpayers will lose at least £9.7 billion due to rulings by the European Court of Justice. Commentators on the HSBC SDRT case have suggested that it will cost up to £5 billion, the UK Government's estimate for the FII GLO case is that it will cost taxpayers another £4.7 billion, and the estimated total of those (£9.7 billion) does not even taken into account the Thin Cap GLO or the Cadbury Schweppes CFC tax cases, both of which the Government is currently fighting in the courts.

Yet these tax blows to the nation’s finances, coming at a time when the Government is struggling with our huge national debt, could have been prevented. However, Ken Clarke and his successor, Gordon Brown, as Chancellor failed to act on advice to amend EU tax rules. Now the only option to protect British tax law from EU interference is for the UK to regain its freedom.

Sensational evidence produced in a recent tax case1 shows that Ken Clarke, when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, failed to defend the UK’s tax rights, despite clear warnings from Inland Revenue officials that the ECJ would erode the UK's tax base. Furthermore, it is highly likely that his successor, Gordon Brown, also failed to act. Warned, as early as 1994, that the only solution was for the UK to obtain clear tax exemptions from the EU, then either from incompetence or neglect, Clarke ignored advice, probably also given to Brown, to seek changes that could have saved the UK Exchequer billions.

It is scandalous that the advice of Inland Revenue officials to seek a Treaty carve-out for tax, has been ignored by successive governments. It is clear that the approach of Ken Clarke and Gordon Brown has cost the UK Exchequer £billions as HMRC now loses tax case after tax case on EU law, when if the officials advice had been followed these cases may not have arisen.

The Labour government claims to have secured a red-line protecting the UK from the EU taking power over taxation. The evidence now shows that it waved a white flag.

Tax Truths for the Tory Party

The following was my comment to an article on Alistair Darling's planned 40 Billion Pound spending cuts in yesterday's Sunday Times, linked here :

Martin Cole wrote:

The other side of cuts to get to the 131 billion this week admitted as having been incurred in the bank bailout (with the likely impact 850 billion) are taxes.

A few minutes contemplating what can be taxed to supply these kind of sums will bring you inevitably to the only area where the excess money supply ended up - the housing market.

Whichever party forms the next government, the logical move will be a five year sliding property tax beginning at 5 per cent perhaps declining to one per cent over the five year parliament. All homes included.

The alternative, UK sovereign debt default and national bankruptcy. OR perhaps withdrawing from the EU, a more logical and equally effective cost saving measure which might by then be seen as preferable.
December 6, 2009 6:40 AM GMT on

A tax such as this could be called the "Brown Levy"as it is a direct necessity following from his arrogance, negligence and incompetence ...... or was it all deliberate to destroy England?

The Conservative Party under Cameron states it will not contemplate EU withdrawal, more on that on Ironies Too, linked here. So how will the Conservative Party carry on paying the EU billions and billions of pounds every year while also incurring billions and billions of industrial costs and penalties from its absurd over-regulation and meet the banking debt costs incurred by Brown, already at 131 billion and likely to grow to 850 billion perhaps during the next Parliament?

Vote for a party offering an "in or out"referendum on the EU such as UKIP or the English Democrats.

Friday, December 04, 2009

English Democrat's Message for all Tories

Continuing to support the Cameron Conservative Party is to support those who have betrayed your country. Worse it will continue their hold on power!

The following is in this week's Evesham Observer:

Actual Tory vote collapsing

A startling local election result yesterday, where the Labour vote dropped by 9.6 % but the Tories fell by over 19% to lose their seat:

THANET Dane Valley result
Electorate 5,334; total vote 933; valid vote 930; spoiled votes 3. Turnout 17.4%
Sandra Hart (The Labour Party Candidate) 318 (34.2%) -9.6%
Bill Furness (Liberal Democrat) 260 (28.0%) +28%
Ingrid Spencer (The Conservative Party Candidate) 222 (23.9%) -19.&%
Wendy Allan (Independent) 130 (14.0%) – 4.3%
Labour gain from Conservative
A Message from Lord Pearson

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cameron complimented Cathy

When Geoffrey Van Orden, the veteran Tory MEP, suggested she should resign when Cameron won the general election, Ashton offered to let him listen to the supportive voicemail from Cameron after she won the post a fortnight ago at an EU summit. (The Guardian, here).
Brown's Government of former (?) Marxists sells out the City

Can the Conservative Party retain the Blair-aping David Cameron as leader if he continues to deny the nation a referendum on the EU?

Nick Clegg has today withdrawn the Lib/Dem commitment to an in or out referendum on the EU, surely one of Britain's main parties must have a policy to avert national economic suicide?

Read the terrible news from here thirty odd hours after the Lisbon Treaty took effect, that is all it took.

Ottawa, Sydney or Bermuda folks?

Far worse is of course to follow!