Friday, September 10, 2010

For a Prime Minister sandwiched between familial male disabilities - THE real challenge now awaits!

Anyone reading the two obituaries linked here and here would be hard-hearted indeed not to admire the courage and empathise with the pathos of the two separate lives therein described.

Strange indeed that the Father of the one early life, cut short before it had barely begun, would also be the Son of the second life described, a courageous but strangely privileged one, played out to its full length and only ending this week.

None can speculate at the strengths or weaknesses such circumstances could cause in any man, let alone one charged with leading a nation through its darkest days for seventy years.

When I penned the posting beneath this, I had not been aware of the depths of tragedy in this extraordinary saga, that David Cameron could be extraordinarily good for the country OR a complete disaster must now be obvious to any who read the links to this posting.

The coming days will tell!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My condolences to David Cameron

The loss of a father is often a traumatic and symbolic moment in any man's lifetime. I pass my condolences to the Prime Minister which are no less sincere for the fact that this blog has been one of his most constant critics.

Many of those criticisms detailed here on this blog, could well be ascribed to a complaint which all experience in their youth, namely immaturity. My Father's passing when I was only 22 made me grow up very fast, which looking back over the intervening forty-four years I can now determine almost certainly made me the possibly somewhat intolerant and irascible individual that I am today. I do believe that on the plus side, however, it allowed me to form an ability for fast but considered decision making that I was able to profit from in life.

Such a sea-change now confronts Britain's Prime Minister. There are challenges enough ahead, for example the economy and the future path of both Germany and the USA., as discussed on Ironies Too yesterday and today.

When Mr Cameron returns to Downing Street, perhaps we will see signs of such new maturity, a dumping of the former News International placeman at the centre of Downing Street power would be an encouraging first step.