Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conservative Liars

Monday, September 05, 2011

David Cameron

The following is the end of an accurate post on the present ste of play on Britain's thoroughly odious PM from The Slog, linked here:

David Cameron's real persona is thus the obvious contender for this weekend's SUITF....a new feature here that I at least am beginning to enjoy writing. He is an empty till, ready and willing to ring up a sale of anything to anyone. He is youthful and baby faced. He is Dorian Gray - and somewhere, alone in the attic of 10 Downing Street now that Mrs Brownchester has been set free, is a creepy-crawly painting of the oily toff who somehow lucked into the leadership of the Conservative Party.
But if you find the use of the diabolical Dorian to be unfair and/or over the top as a parallel, ask yourself this: what would David Cameron privately not approve of? Coke snorting? Phone hacking? Leaving a mentally ill PM in office in order to have an easy task in a future election? Chucking pot plants out of Oxford windows? Insider trading? The taking and raping of Turkish democracy? Working with Gaddafi's intelligence loons?
Either way, I'm making an appeal to all readers: this relatively quiet Sunday evening before cold market reality finally hits us at the end of summer, please do all you can to get #DorianGraymoron trending on Twitter.