Friday, October 31, 2003

Further Coverage

Our main posts on the Conservative Party's apparent urge to self-destruct can be found on Ironies by clicking HERE
Howard's EU Compromise with Clarke

According to the BBC's 'World at One' Programme the sell out by Howard on the EU takes the following form:-

Howard will not allow "his own Euroscepticism to lead him to be intolerant of the views of others."
Clarke stated that he believed that Howard will end the obsession with Europe. His advice is to get back to the centre ground.

Following the Clarke interview it was announced that John Redwood has also now ruled himself out. The Tories are now therefore finished as an anti-EU alternative for all British voters.

Sir Albert McQuarrie also on the programme added to his letter quoted below that some calling to account was required, preferably by a deselection of the 90 MPs who voted against IDS.

A Conservative Board spokesman was also trying to manufacture some form of pretence that in the event of no ballot the voluntary members would be given the chance to indicate their support. A completely ludicrous situation.

The BBC radio also reports that Ladbrokes was paying out on bets placed on Howard winning. A very unusual decision.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Lacklustre Launch by Haggard Howard

Unbelievably it appears that the Tories are set to make their leadership favourite an individual who appears even worse on television than the previous three such office holders. Not only that he plans to lead 'from the centre' and stated that he was heading straight over to see Ken Clarke when his Press Conference in the old County Hall was finished. A fitting statement by this Majorly-Marred Candidate. Any chance of Heseltine making a come-back too?
Conservative Leadership

Michael Howard as portrayed in the press this morning would be telegenically incapable of winning an election. I was recently at an anti-EU rally in Bath where John Redwood appeared fighting fit and ready to take the real battle forward.

All Eurorealists are urged to make John Redwood know of their strong support for his candidature.

His e-mail address is

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Craven Conservatives

This summary of the Conservative Party seems appropriate as the confidence vote on the leadership of IDS reaches the midway point and speculation from BBC Political Correspondent Andrew Marr is broadcast that he has 70 of the 83 needed already in the bag. Can anyone, however, believe a word any Tory MP says?

The article can be read in full by clicking the title The Undisciplined Losers of the British Conservative Party from The Washington Dispatch. Some quotes:-

the sad collection of otherwise unemployable misfits who comprise the Parliamentary Conservative Party have been engaged in one of their bouts of serial plotting against their leadership. Mostly men, these men are men of neither calibre nor character, who by their self-centredness and egocentricity will probably bring to an end one of the greatest political movements in the English-speaking world, all through vengefulness and pique.

Michael Heseltine, a man who would have crawled naked over broken glass for the Premiership

If a man of limited ability and experience who does not acknowledge his limitations has a high opinion of himself because of how he speaks, who he’s related to, what school he went to and where he comes from, you have a pen picture of a sizable number of Conservative MP’s.

The Parliamentary Conservative Party is not fit to form a government. They don’t have the slightest realisation that their behaviour appals the British public, who are at their most politically disengaged since the Second World War

They act like losers, and when a loser, a little guy like me, calls you a loser, you’re in deep trouble.

The whole article is worth the read. It is written by Martin Kelly who I have not come across before I don't believe, strong and perceptive stuff.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

IDS Confidence Vote to go ahead.

The required 25 letters have been received by Sir Michael Spicer and the Confidence Vote on the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith of the British Conservative Party will now proceed. He now needs to keep his nerve!
Tory rebels force leadership vote

Monday, October 27, 2003

Supporting IDS

We suggest those wishing to retain a Eurosceptic at the head of the Conservative Party should quickly and instantaneously show their support for IDS by signing the Petition for a Referendum on the EU Constitution at Conservative Central Office, where the numbers signing-up will be immediately seen.

This can be completed in a moment by clicking on this link Support IDS by signing the Conservative Petition from here.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

IDS "The Worst Ever" - Maggie T.

But despite the mounting pressure, he promised to fight to stay in his job and made it clear that he has no intention of clearing the path for a successor.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday, Mr Duncan Smith said the party was being held to ransom by a "small number of malcontents".

The above is taken from a report by Sky News.

According to a report in The Sunday Telegraph by Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor titled 'Duncan Smith tells allies: I will quit if MPs call vote' which can be read from this link.

Iain Duncan Smith will not contest a confidence vote and will step down as Conservative Party leader if dissident MPs trigger a leadership ballot, he has told his aides.

Senior Tory officials say that Mr Duncan Smith, who only recently promised to fight any challenge to his leadership, is now willing to stand down if 25 MPs, the number required to force a ballot, submit letters demanding a vote.

Anyway one looks at it complete confusion exists within the main opposition party. And this at a time when our Prime Minister is selling out his country's constitution, defence and democracy!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Support Website for IDS

Conservative supporters of IDS have launched

It is not very professional and seems not to mention the EU. Link from here. Even more worrying.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Major on Democracy

John Major the former failed British Prime Minister has somewhat cheekily written an article for the Daily Telegraph this morning under the startling title:
The deep malaise undermining our parliamentary democracy

The piece, or pamphlet perhaps would be a fairer description, disappoints following the seemingly all-encompassing title. Read it from the link if you will. I would be surprised if any find much more than the usual party political attack with little evidence of the deep thought and consideration that the country's growing and deepening problems really deserve. But that's my view and what surprises me about arriving at such a conclusion is that once again I have allowed myself to be disappointed by Major! I have sworn, several times, to never again give him the chance!

Monday, October 20, 2003

Tory Turmoil (continued)

Still nothing of substance or policy. On the leadership problems The Scotsman seems to have the best summary.

Sunday, October 19, 2003


No point discussing policy, the implications of Blair's latest refusal to consider a referendum on the Constitution, the future role of the Queen, the planned huge cuts in equipment defence spending or the myriad other problems of concern to the Nation.

No, this blog is devoted to the Tories so we can only mention Betsy, IDS and link to these reports:-

Plot to ditch IDS by time of Queen's Speech from The Independent on Sunday and this just one of several similar to be found in the Sunday telegraph titled 'I am being smeared by Central Office, says Tory at heart of 'Betsygate' affair'

Friday, October 17, 2003

Leader of Lemmings!

Once again, while the nation's defence and sovereignty are the topic for discussion from The Sun to the FT the Telegraph continues with its obsession with the Leadership of the Tory Party Duncan Smith loses backing of the 'men in grey suits'

I ask you?

Thursday, October 16, 2003

IDS in his own defence

The Spectator this week gives IDS his opportunity to defend himself against recent attacks. 'My fight is for the British People'

The final paragraph highlights the fatal flaw, namely that he has been persuaded against his own gut instincts to forget where the real battle for Britain and its people now really lies and where it should be being fought! :-

It is time, and past time, that the Conservative party pulled itself together and remembered the purpose of its existence. We are not here to occupy power for its own sake, or even for the glory of our party. We are here for the simple purpose I set out in my Blackpool speech. The Conservative party under my leadership stands for and fights for the people of Britain, who are themselves, in their everyday lives, battling against this government. It is a government which does not understand them, which loads them with unfair burdens, which will never reform our public services adequately, which has no respect for our national independence, and which, in denying every one of these charges, lies about its record, its intentions and its very nature. That is our enemy. Let us fight it.

Neil Herron says it better in his comment on the YouGov poll on a referendum as covered in the Daily Telegraph for the Referendum04 Campaign:-

Neil Herron, Campaign Director for Referendum04 said:
" Tony Blair is being backed into an impossible position. For his party, which made no reference to the Constitution in its manifesto, it will become increasingly difficult at constituency level for his MP's to agree with his stance.

"Referendum04's support is coming from MPs and voters from all parties as the YouGov poll confirms, and as their voice becomes louder along with that of the man in the street, the demand - and it is a demand, not a request - will become impossible for the Prime Minister to refuse.

"The issue, as can be seen from the poll results, has grasped the public's attention as very few are not interested in the issue, and they are determined that their voice will be heard.

"Blair is out of touch with the younger generation. This constitution was drawn up by a group of predominantly elderly political hacks, including the corrupt and disgraced Giscard d'Estaing, who had no democratic mandate whatsoever. Yet Blair is planning to impose this constitution on the young without their consent.

"Calls to Referendum04's campaign office, Tel. 0871 700 2004 offering financial, moral and practical support show that the fuse is well and truly lit. People will be queueing this week end to sign the petition and get involved.

"Should Blair continue to ignore the elephant in the room he may well be trampled in the stampede."

That's the message IDS should by now be putting across!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Plot to oust IDS

The Daily Telegraph, which since the announcement that it is soon to have a new editor, has seemed bent on ensuring Britain is left without a moderate opposition party to the right of New Labour, this morning has this article in much prominence 'Defiant IDS hits out at plotters':-

Iain Duncan Smith last night accused "malevolent forces" in the Tory party of trying to destroy his leadership with a financial smear campaign directed against him and his wife Betsy.

I wonder if Central Office have yet twigged that among those "malevolent forces" seem to be some working within its one time 'House Journal'?

Monday, October 13, 2003


We have apparently been so intent on remaining neutral on the question of the Tory Party that the intention of this blog is not immediately clear to the casual surfer. For the avoidance of doubt we re-post our opening statement herewith:-

This blog, created by those responsible for UKIP Uncovered and Ironies, will explore in detail the critical question for Eurorealists of whether or not the Tories, under the leadership of IDS, can be trusted to disregard the strong euro-federalist instincts of many within their party, and restore sovereignty to the Westminster Parliament and its democratic accountability to the people of the United Kingdom.

The Full Text of the IDS Prague speech from The Daily Telegraph 11th July 2003

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Michael Ancram's Speech

The following post, far and away the best review of the above speech I have seen, was posted on an internet discussion forum overnight :-

Telling comments from Mr. Ancram's speech:

"We want to make the European Union work." It's doing a smashing job already working Britain over.

So Mr.(Michael) Ancram is not into Britain's full and final exit from the EU, but rather a continuance of trying to shape it into something it can't be, wasn't designed to be, has no point of reference to be.

"We want to build a European Union..." s'already built.

The European Union is the offspring of the United Nations as an instrument to establish a central world government. In-house EU squabbling and jockeying of involved nations (like Britain, who if it wants to survive needs to get out) are like dry leaves rustling about in the wind - the WIND is the determining force.

"A European Union within which the national aspiration of all its members, new and old, are not suffocated but supported." Stop. Britain is being suffocated now. And, thwarted, compromised, destabilized, fractionalized, by a self-aggrandizing cadre of politicians who see great careers for themselves making Britain part of one Centralized Structure where accountability to a constituency isn't necessary.

Even when the 'good guys' manage to negotiate some 'concession' from Brussels, the mandates keep coming. And still, there are those who refuse to acknowledge that decency and reason will not win the day for Britain when dealing with a totalitarian agenda.

"We want a new Europe of democracies, ready to serve the ideals of a new generation, working together in a spirit of new enterprise."

Lauding the merits of an idealistic 'association' of sovereign nations collaborating for the betterment of all is the stuff of fairytales, and nothing to do with the intent of the European Union. Sorry, but Mr. Ancram has his head in the clouds. It wouldn't come as a surprise to learn that he's 'affiliated' in an honorary capacity or otherwise with the United Nations.

"We must follow Sweden's example and carry forward the torch of freedom and
democracy." Carry it forth in Britain first: untie all the knots EU mandates and stiltifying regulations devestating everything from the fisheries industry to being inundated with immigrants to what vitamins people are allowed, the list is endless.

"We can play a vital role in the modern world." You were till the traitors took over. You will when Blair & co. aren't in charge & the boys from Brussels are escorted to the Channel and invited to start swimming east.

Friday, October 10, 2003

The Verdict

The Daily Telegraph makes a timid step towards redeeming itself fot its totally unfair coverage of yesterday in its Leading Article, while columnist Alice Thomson kicks off with some words of praise for the Tory leader before resorting to cattiness.

The Independent predictably enough continues with its theme of a split Tory leader's tirade against Blair fails to stave off revolt a headline that seems to bear absolutely no connection with either the truth or any facts they can find to quote. The paper also apparently gives space to Portillo to claim that the Conference was the Tories worst ever, which seems a very sweeping statement , unhappily for the wannabe leader the link to the article does not work so we cannot find how he justifies such a sweeping claim.

I have not been able to learn the views of The Times due to their all subscription policy while the only article that might seem remotely connected to the IDS speech in the FT is also annoyingly available by subsription only but billed as follows: Britain's leaders should stand up for Europe. Our political leaders may be forced by pressure from Eurosceptics to pursue policies that are not in Britain's interests, writes Anand Menon of the University of Birmingham. Sounds like your typical FT piece, no wonder their circulation figures are reported to be in a nose dive.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Press still talks of Splits

Iain Duncan Smith warned his growing band of Tory critics today that he will not be driven out of his job without a fight that would divide the party and damage its chances of winning power.

First paragraph of an article under these headlines "Back me or I split the party, Duncan Smith warns Tories"Get on board or get out of the way" Tory leader tells critics By Andrew Grice and Paul Waugh in today's Independent

Some quotes at the end of the piece:-

Marion Rix, who chairs the Norfolk South West constituency party, was rebuked by a senior Tory official after criticising Mr Duncan Smith.

She said: "At the end of the day, we are in the game of winning elections. The reality is that - at the moment - we don't look like we are going anywhere fast."

Mark Hudson, chairman of Sevenoaks Tories, who voted for Mr Duncan Smith in the 2001 leadership election, said: "The question is whether he can lead us to victory at the next election. Time is running out for him to demonstrate that."

Jonathan Marland, Tory candidate for Somerton and Frome at the last general election, said: "The mood of the conference is such that there is time for a new leader. You sense it as you walk through the corridors here. It is the subject on everyone's lips."

But Karen Lumley, who will fight Redditch in the next election, won a standing ovation at the conference when she told the leader's critics: "You think you are just undermining Iain Duncan Smith. But let me tell you, you are undermining me and undermining everyone in this conference hall."
Iain Duncan Smith's Full Speech to the Tory Party, Blackpool Winter Garden, October 9th 2003

'We will fight for a fair deal for everyone'

The Daily Telegraph certainly seemed determined to dish any chances IDS might have ot ousting Blair by this article as its lead story on the Tory Conference note especially the unflattering choice of accompanying picture.

Meantime this was the papers Leading Article on the morning of the conference speech of the Leader of the Conservative Party....and they used to call the paper 'The Torygraph'
The crunch

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Latest Plot Story from the FT

Just released is this latest conspiracy tale from the Conservative Conference. Who would know our democracy is in the process of being sold down the River, the Tiber not the Thames.

Tory plotters plan secret revolt meeting

Thursday, October 02, 2003

A party split from top to toe

The Spectator's Leading Article this week opens with the following by Peter Hitchens:-

No power on earth can sustain an idea whose time has gone. Can we all please stop pretending that the Conservative party is worth saving or keeping, or that it can ever win another election?