Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More proof of Osborne's unsuitability for power

From Sky News:

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said: "BP have absolutely no excuse for not passing on any fuel price falls to customers. It would be a scandal if they do not."

Little boys should be taught not to play with petrol!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for the last properly elected Tory Leader to speak out!

My post at 09:43 am this morning to an article by IDS in the DT this morning, linked here:

Stuart Wheeler and other shadowy backers of the Conservatives who reportedly forced this man from the party leadership have much to answer for as well.

Now that Mandelson and Campbell are back fully behind the New Labour project the consequences of the Michael Howard leadership will be fully exposed in the next election campaign. The over promotion of George Osborne is only the most obvious aspect of Howard's disastrous tenure.

When the full facts of the manipulated leadership election which put Cameron in position (all chronologically chronicled on my blog Teetering Tories) are properly publicised during the General Election campaign, the Conservatives will be seen to be led by a man with about as much legitimacy as Robert Mugabe has at present - will that help rid the country of New Labour?

At least David Davis has distanced himself from the Cameroons, but IMHO the likes of the author of this article must now also make a political stand!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cameron finally senses Brown's economic errors!

After years of seeming to endorse the lunatic policies of Gordon Brown the sneaky Conservative leader and his snivelling Shadow Chancellor are now trying to pretend they never went along with the huge spending splurge based on smoke and mirror economics and false indices.

Shameful! Read one report here. The Telegraph Sketch writer manages to capture the absurdity of Cameron's speech and posturing, here.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A rare post to Tory Diary on Conservative Home.

David Davis, this morning on Andrew Marr - focused, well-informed and making clear sense on the topics he wished to cover.

David Cameron on Sky News with Adam Boulton this morning - absolutely lamentable.

An example - the suggestion that the rule on annuities must be purchased by seventy-fifth birthday be waived = what for a month asks AB!! Precisely, does Cameron really think for a moment things will be any better in the foreseeable future - he must do so - why else suggest a waiver of the rule which will only permit those foolish enough to have deferred annuity uptake until their seventy-fifth birthdays to become ever more impoverished.

Maybe slick Dave thinks everything will return to a speculators free-for-all in six months - his Foreign Spokesman whooping it up on Lake Como at a Barclay's Wealth Bash this weekend, certainly indicates Dave is not alone in the present Shadow Cabinet in such crass stupidity.

My "Ironies Too Blog" regularly reports on the real nature of the crisis, and in September has some posts with suggestions on the HOUSE PRICE crisis, the true underlying issue which the Tories should have long ago grasped and been everyday pressing as the centre of their OPPOSITION (remember that)to this dreadful government.