Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cameron's ludicrous NHS ring fence receives public's contempt (or NOT?)

The video should be viewed from 5 minutes 32 seconds onwards.

Now watch the first few moments of this:

Somewhere here in the live broadcast I recall huge applause for Cable's "no ring fence" assertion, it seems to have disappeared.

Am I mistaken? Those in the UK can visit the Channel 4 replay to find out, unavailable for me go here.
Top Tories to get 2 more years to rip off the taxpayers.

Senior members of the present Shadow Cabinet are among the highest claimants for unjustified second home mortgage claims in the present House of Commons.

The new rules issued yesterday, will allow this scam to continue for a further two years for sitting MPs although new members will only able to claim for single roomed accommodation in London.

Yet more reason to withdraw your vote from any MP who has sat in this most corrupt of all Parliaments. Let a new start begin and some spring cleaning commence.

Surely present Cabinet Members have no chance of re-election even without this further consideration?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time runs out for the Tories!

A Reuters poll by MORI produced at lunchtime today, read here, showing the Tories well behind in their targeted marginal constituencies hopefully spells the beginning of the end for the Ashcroft/Cameron/Hague/Osborne clique who have had their heads in the sands for many months. Their destruction of the Conservative Party may, however, be no bad thing. The voters must now reject all three of the corrupted main parties. More on this may be read from my first post of today on Ironies Too, linked here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Cartoon says it all on Cameron's Conservative Party

The cartoon in question is in today's The Independent, linked here.

This blog urged Hague's constituency party to de-select him some time ago.

Who will UKIP choose to run against him I wonder? See Ukip Uncovered today, linked here.