Monday, October 29, 2007

The Greater Good!

An original post just made to Conservative Home for the record. (Had I only done the same for my two earlier comments!):
HF at 1712 stated "I thought you had held back some figures, well done. Let us hope that the people responsible for the summer shambles such as, Willetts, Letwin. Mercer, Bercow and Ancram have learned their lesson."

It appears he missed Cameron's name from the list, or does the leader of the Tory's now only take kudos and never carry the can.

After this deliberate censorship can Conservative Home at least rename itself 'Conservative Party Home' or do they believe genuine conservatives now will now regularly tolerate deceit?

What an incredible admission!! Made so that you can boast of the past month's turnaround one presumes.

My previous two comments to this blog were edited, if this is treated similarly I will post the two versions on one of my own blogs, perhaps a new one altogether titled Conservative Home Spin! Or why not lets be honest for a change and use the correct term - Conservative Home Deception?


The reply:

There was no "statistical manipulation or deceit", Martin. We chose to delay one element of the survey for the greater good, and that's at our discretion.

Conservatism wouldn't have been advanced by kicking the party when it was down in such a way.

We never edit comments unless they are abusive or unsubstantiated. Occasionally they will be overridden for irrelevance.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cameron in Berlin

A quote from the Conservative Party web site, linked here:

David also talked about his belief that "international co-operation should take place between like-minded political parties, as well as countries," and highlighted the co-operation between his Conservatives and Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Party.

Vapid Cameron once again proves he has little grasp of matters of substance. The essence of Foreign Affairs is, of course, to achieve entirely the opposite by reaching agreement between nations and power blocks which have other systems and beliefs. Who is the real enemy Dave?

The witless and shifty Tory Leader was presumably in Berlin receiving his instructions regarding there being no referendum on the EU Reform Treaty once it has been forced through parliament. His minder on the trip, as made clear from the Saturday Sky News coverage but not the Bolton interview on Sunday, was the former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Baroness Neville-Jones of Hutton Roof in the County of Cumbria, Shadow Security Minister and National Security Adviser to the Leader of the Opposition. Not his Foreign Affairs Shadow, nor the Shadow Europe Minister but the former head of the British intelligence services.

Pity the pictures of Cameron being briefed on the plane then shadowed around Berlin by Dame Pauline were not included by Sky, nor indeed were the brief moments of his being seated beside Merkel before becoming once again swamped by the suits. Well done Sky News for at least being there to get the shots and showing them more than once on Saturday, no wonder young Dave looked scared witless.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cameron is breaking EU promises AGAIN!!!!

From the most recent Straight Talking e-mail from Roger Helmer MEP comes this:

Cameron's cast-iron guarantee

Writing in the Sun on Sept 26th, David Cameron wrote: "Today, I will give you this cast-iron guarantee. If I become PM, a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU Treaty that emerges from these negotiations". No ifs. No buts. No "provided it's not in place by then". David has given his word, and he deserves our congratulations.

Cameron to rat on post-Treaty

The report is in The Independent, linked here, from which comes this quote:

Nearly 40 Tory MPs have signed a Commons motion tabled by Bill Cash, the arch-Eurosceptic and MP for Stone, which calls for a referendum "before or after ratification" by Parliament. Signatories include the former ministers John Redwood and Michael Ancram.

Speaking at his monthly press conference yesterday, Mr Cameron said such a commitment would depend on "six ifs" – if the opponents of the treaty failed to defeat the Government in the Commons; if they failed in the Lords; if the Prime Minister did not change his mind; if there was not an early election; if every other country ratified the accord; and if no other EU state held a referendum on the issue.

"We simply don't know all of those things," he said. "I am not going to do anything that undermines the focus we have on getting that referendum now."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Must the BNP be the only real opposition?

Church Gresley Ward - By-Election 18 October 2007

Church Gresley Ward

Candidate Description Number of Votes

Jana Beatrice Eaton The Conservative Party Candidate 304
Richard Charles Fallows British National Party 516 (35.4%)
Gordon Edgar Rhind The Labour Party Candidate 639

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bottler Brown gives Tories time to dump Cameron

The commitment by Brown to hold no election either this year or next, although anything that man says should never be fully believed, gives the Tory's ample time to find a Comservative Leader.

In a way an early election would have guaranteed the minimum possible period of a Brown premiership. Now we have the prospect of the Lib-Dems changing to a more youthful leader and all three parties offering more corporatist, state interfering socialism at the next election.

While the tax cuts in Cameron's Blackpool speech were welcome, the whole performance was about as far from conservatism as it is possible to get.

By delaying the whole election topic the campaign for an EU Referendum becomes the most compelling and critical item on the political agenda, as well it should.