Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Conservative Cameron Crisis Continued!

In the March edition of Prospect Magazine, linked here, comes this telling comment:

Cameron supporters point to a rise in party support among the ABs and younger voters at the expense of the Liberal Democrats. Yet the risks attached to Cameron's strategy are much more profound than those measurable by day-to-day opinion polls. And Cameron should be worried that the party's new direction is treated with thinly disguised contempt by the policy experts, opinion-formers and intellectuals clustered round many of the Tory think tanks. He should be concerned about important donors, who are unlikely to feel much sympathy for an approach that is hostile to enterprise and markets and accepts the New Labour status quo. But, above all, he should be having sleepless nights about what he is doing to bedrock Conservative support in the country.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The following appeared in a recent briefing from the European Journal in London:

In the January Strasbourg session of the European parliament, East Anglia Conservative MEP Chris Beazley chose to defy the whip, and to break a clear manifesto commitment, by supporting the Duff report calling for the resurrection of the EU Constitution. Later in the month, Edward Macmillan-Scott MEP, former leader of the Conservative delegation in Brussels, accused Party Leader David Cameron of "working towards the centre at home and yet moving to the extreme right abroad as fast as he can". Neither of these incidents seems to have attracted any disciplinary action from the whips' office.

Yet the whip has still not been restored to another Tory MEP, Roger Helmer, whose only offence was to fulfil a clear manifesto commitment to oppose fraud, and to embarrass the leadership of the Tory delegation by roundly criticising the EPP, who had sought to sweep allegations of improper behaviour under the carpet.

Just by coincidence, the MEPs who are keeping Helmer out of the delegation are the same ones who are opposing David Cameron's policy on leaving the EPP.

An article by Roger Helmer on the EPP question may be read in Freedom Today by clicking here.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Mr Floppy, Flip-flop and Failure? .... Vapid gains more telling tags

Once again this blog has been at the forefront in correctly analysing the disastrous failings of recent Tory leadership selections.

Some of the most recent press criticisms and reports may be read from here, here and watch this space as the reduced vote and percentage share for the Tories in Dunfermline begins to sink in.
Cameron's Conservatives crushed in crucial first by-election test

The full results are avaiable from the By-Elections blog linked from here.

While Labour's loss may rightly be receiving the most mainstream media coverage, the setback for the new Tory leader might well be equally significant. Isn't it traditional Labour support that he is supposed to be capturing? Weren't the Lib/Dems presumed to be in disarray following the leadership revelations?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cameron's crumbling credibility increasingly exposed

PM questions this week should have been a golden opportunity for the new leader of the opposotion to deliver a death blow to a battered Premier whose government had twice been defeated the evening before.

Instead the Conservative MPs could merely meekly watch as Blair quoted line after line of Cameron's own contradictory stances on selection between schools. What a disastrous choice of leader the main British opposition party has indeed made.

The EPP problem is now coming to a head and is even deemed worthy of some coverage in today's Daily Telegraph, which article may be read from this link.

How will the betrayed eurosceptic Conservative party members react when the now apparently inevitable betrayal by Vapid Cameron over the EPP eventually takes place.

It is a pity that the UK Independence Party has allowed Nigel Farage MEP to continue to make that alternative an impossibility. Read this post on UKIP Uncovered for details.