Friday, April 21, 2006

A tragic end to the line?

Leaders of the Conservative Party

The Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel, The Earl of Derby, Benjamin Disraeli, The Marquess of Salisbury, Arthur Balfour, Andrew Bonar Law, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, David Cameron

Vapid in virgin "snow"

The following comments are on the Guardian comment page relating to the blatant photo-op that was at least effective for the junior member of my family...." Tony Blair wouldn't do that"!!!!


Well, I suppose he was able to get his hands on some good "snow" out there, or do I mean crack?

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I heard he is cycling back.

Priceless! That's wit (and I am serious...still laughing....)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time to Quit

Francis Maude whose own position as Conservative Party Chairman, can only be based upon nepotism it appears to me, has called on his Shadow Cabinet colleagues who have criticised Vapid to quit. Read the Telegraph report from here. It begins as follows:

Francis Maude, the Conservative Party chairman, tried to silence critics of David Cameron's leadership yesterday, telling them to "shut up" or quit the shadow cabinet.

As these seem the only thinking members left in the party perhaps they should go the whole way and start completely afresh, the 5th May election results might yet provide a suitable and obvious trigger.

Never has the time for a new political grouping seemed more fortuitous.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chameleons have backbones

New Labour's new campaign, report linked here, seems misplaced.

Why flatter your opponent?

Vapid is ephemeral taking whatever form or shape he pleases but forever lacking substance!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Cameron's corruption catastrophe

As police inquiries turn to Government contracts, what a tragedy that by rushing to meet Blair as the crisis unfolded, Vapid Cameron has now, by implication, associated the Conservative Party as co-conspirators in the public mind.

If 300 police are now engaged in the investigations as reported by the Scottish Sunday press - and their attentions are apparently being drawn to areas wider than Honours, what a lost opportunity this will prove for Britain's supposed main opposition party.

Most of my blogging on this unfolding drama will be on Ironies Too, linked here.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Horrible Heseltine Revived

The Tory Party Conference in Manchester today that will be opened by Chairman Maude, whose description the party's twenty decline is splattered across the morning media, will ironically field as star speaker Michael Heseltine the man most responsible for this long period of growing electoral disgust. The Independent article, linked here, refers.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cameron's Chairman concedes defeat

Read it from tonight's Evening Standard, quoted below:

'Tory prospects gloomy'- Maude
6 April 2006

Tory chairman Francis Maude has painted a gloomy picture of his party's prospects on the eve of David Cameron's first Conservative conference as leader.

Mr Maude admitted his party may not win the next election and said it faced an uphill battle to persuade voters to put Mr Cameron in No 10."

On the day Cameron's environment policy was described as a sham by his own patry spokeswoman on that topic in the EU, the total sham that is David Cameron now seems to have been recognised even by his own Party Chairman.

Meanwhile the party's former leader, William Hague, Shadow Foreign Secretary is in Darfur, presumably while fulfilling his parliamentary functions. This blog has previously noted this individuals shameful conflicts between money making and politics - can this be the explanation for identical reports from Hague being filed - the first as an exclusive to Sky News from which he sounded like an employee - the second identical video item but this time billed as a Five News Exclusive??

Tarnished Tories indeed - apparently seeking to capitalise on a human tragedy of such dimensions!

No wonder even the Party Chairman seems to now recognises that this is a party that can never be made electable again.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

They borrowed MILLIONS for THIS????

The election expenditure by the Conservative Party, reputed to be eighteen million pounds is fleshed out in this report from the Sunday Herald linked from here.

Among the minor detail is the fact that ..."Cameron, the present party leader who was then education spokesman, ran up a £3084 chopper bill,"....... surely the only place worth sending Cameron by helicopter is somewhere outside the country ... wouldn't a cheap Channel ferry or Easyjet fare equally do the trick?

Now the present conservative party membership or gullible Tory honours seekers or the EPP or other European Parliament paymasters will be saddled with re-paying these loans.

Unless, of course, today's cartel meeting is sucessful and the two shameful individuals now leading Britain's alternately governing political parties manage to cook up something new, and no doubt even more devious, to lumber British taxpayers with yet more obligations to fund their patent self-advancement.

The main scam, let us not forget, remains the EU Parliament which guarantees vast sums extracted from unknowing taxpayers for delivery direct to the national parties. Honours etc., which remain hangovers from an earlier age of comparatively straight political dealing (where the interests of the country and its people once figured) could, however, be the cause of the downfall of our present- clearly crooked - political elite!

Surely never in the past has ennoblement been so nakedly advanced for political power, preferment and advance?