Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A sloppy, slap-happy government...!!

I called it sloppy, slap-happy government. It is time for some disciplined thought and disciplined action. Being a Prime Minister is a serious business,” So said Lord Tebbit as reported in the London Evening Standard this evening, linked here.

Cameron and his similarly privileged and EU programmed side-kick Nick Clegg, are further dishing the country ever deeper into the mire, as if New Labour had not already brought it to its knees. (Mixed metaphor or what? Will the mire soon reach the neck?)

Yet senior Conservative Party politicians such as Lord Tebbit himself remain on board the train that careers ever downwards and out of control, in spite of his assertion at lunch on 9th September 2003 that the only choice as far as the EU was concerned, was to get off and board another tube train heading in a directly opposite direction!

"Being Prime Minister is a serious business" states Lord Tebbit, yet his party tolerated Cameron for years to only then lead their party into but one more predictable defeat (as almost daily chronicled on this blog). Yet still these senior sceptics remain, bleating about the froth, whipped up by the escaping air from the head of the opportunistic, marketing-model dimwit their party put in charge!

Resign and form a proper party Lord Tebbit, as you should have done many years ago, or spare us your tardy protests!