Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome back for The Slog

Read "Our most pressing skills shortage is at Conservative HQ" from here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Twenty years to the day since Maggie Thatcher resigned and the Euro is doomed!

Some apparent co-incidences are too sweet not to be flavoured in full! Read Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, then Fraser Nelson, "The death knell for the Euro" from the Spectator linked here.

Unhappily Cameron and Osborne continue the Tory treachery that brought Maggie Thatcher down, how long before Conservatives finally awake from their sleepwalk and kick such traitors from office?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cameron's father-in-law took £247,000 from the EU last year!

If you are one of the many Conservative voters who have been wondering why, in spite of all his euro-sceptic rhetoric down the years, David Cameron once becoming PM has suddenly become a complete poodle to the corrupt and non-democratic EU, then the fact revealed on Channel 4 Dispatches programme last evening, view here, that his wife's dad got almost a quarter of a million quid from the organisation might provide a clue.

If you think the PM's perks and salary make such considerations irrelevant, consider this was for one single year, the payments have been continuing for years and are likely to do so stretching into the distant future long after the Coalition is booted from office!

Other details involve £130,000 for Prince Charles, Mandelsons continuing payments, and Clegg's EU expenses Brussels property gains. Watch it in full, the programme merely scratches the surface of the monster Europe has created in its midst.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Continuing corruption within Cameron's Conservative Party

Peter Oborne has a good article in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here.

The title is "Our Parliament is rotten to the core" which is true but now of little importance as William Hague yesterday introduced a so-called Sovereignty Bill, read here, which in common with so much else that surrounds the EU actually achieves the reverse of what it purports to intend by handing the decision to transfer the last remaining shreds of sovereignty into the hands of one single minister.

"Our Parliament" is actually the European Parliament now Mr Oborne, that has been rotten since its inception as is recognised across Europe, it also has no power to legislate on any important issue, a fact now duplicated in Westminster. These two places are solely means of rewarding the filth who sold out our democracy on an ongoing basis and for their party successors!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harriers versus Tornadoes

The debate on jet fighters on Radio 4 this morning was interesting. It may be heard from here.

My grandfather transferred from the Royal Navy flying seaplanes over the Channel during the Great War, to become an early officer in the newly formed RAF so I have taken more than a passing interest in the long ongoing debate on the question of naval air power and the need for carrier borne fighter aircraft.

In this post colonial age it appears to me the Falkland Islands would be the only remaining British dependency economically worthwhile defending with carrier borne aircraft, yet the huge investment to construct the RAF Mount Pleasant airfield was surely justified against the costs of constant aircraft carrier patrols in the South Atlantic.

Recent drilling off the Falklands should now allow more detailed cost/risk analysis to be compared with potential hydrocarbon rewards, but given the history the arguments put forward by Lord West seem less than sound, could we really have sent a two carrier force to the South Atlantic during the past decade?

Yet the arguments put forward by the Lib/Dem Arms Minister during the broadcast seem equally shaky. Nato will be defeated in Afghanistan because you cannot tell an Afghani tribesman from a member of the Taliban and in the end the Afghanis always win at Home. To base our entire air defence policy on the fact that the Tornadoes are more practicable in Afghanistan when the PM has already hinted at a British run down there next year seems absurd.

On balance therefore I must come down against the direction of the career move made by my Grandfather and support the Ark Royal/Harrier argument, such a view being strengthened by the report in the Telegraph this morning that the catapault system for the new carriers will only come at horrendous cost, declaring Force Majeure or malintent on those contracts seems the most sensible course.