Friday, October 29, 2010

Cameron gives UK Assent to Lisbon II Treaty

CNBC TV is reporting that Cameron has conceded the principle that there will be an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty which must mean he has backtracked on every promise and statement he has made on the EU since becoming Conservative Party Leader, there can be no other interpretation of his actions.

David Cameron, as long predicted on my blog Teetering Tories, ever since the day he became the most likely leader of the Conservative Party, has thus totally betrayed Britain and particularly all those who voted for him and his party.

This post first appeared on Ironies Too.

Viper not vapid after all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Speccie discusses the nonexistent - 'Cameron's morals'

The article itself, linked here, to Coffee House is amusing enough but the comments include several absolute gems on the real character and nature of this former TV PR man and serial promise breaker.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Peter Oborne finally "GETS" Cameron and Osborne

Peter Oborne, one of the supporters of the smug group who have destroyed the Conservative Party from the top courtesy of a rigged party election, finally seems to have heard the penny drop! Read his comment in the Daily Telegraph today from here. While on that site read what Ken Clarke has to say on the tear ahead from here.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

William Hague proposes Bill to confirm Parliamentary Sovereignty

Speaking on Sky News the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who in a few short months has managed to make his predecessor David Miliband appear a significant figure, has stated on Sky News that the Coalition Government will pass a Bill stating that Parliament has the sovereign right to legislate. If ever an act appeared calculated to throw into doubt whether such real sovereignty is still intact, this surely has to be just that. The item was on Sky News at 07:31 am.

Today this shameful figure will speak to his party and pretend that further losses of sovereignty are not now automatic under the Lisbon Treaty and that his flaky and insubstantial Cabinet colleagues have not already since last May conceded huge swathes of sovereignty not least in the EU Investgation orders and the European External Action Service, both at incalculable but huge financial as well as sovereign sacrifices.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

George Osborne's Child Benefit Cut and its Timing

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, we are told, considers himself a political strategist. Why then announce a cut to universal child benefit at your own party conference, which will bear most heavily on the income group which provides your party's core support yet will only come into effect some three years into the future?

The first assumption I make is that Osborne believes that the Coalition will (note; not 'can' but 'will') survive the full five years in power. Interestingly Parliament will almost certainly at some stage need to have its powers further neutered if such is to be guaranteed. A General Election in May 2013, a probable date in my earlier calculations of likliehoods would now appear totally out of the question coming one month after the money is actually cut at the start of the financial year.

A rational and consistent approach to reducing universality by cutting heating allowances and free bus passes for the over 65s would have been consistent and logical, dispelling the impression that there is some form of political process in play.

The greatest mystery arise from the deferment of the cut to 2013. Surely any unpopular move such as this is best brought in as far from the next election as possible, therefore as soon as possible. As austerity and the huge government borrowings of one pound in every four being spent today is the ostensible reason then logically the cut should be effective at the latest at the start of the next tax year or lumped in with any other necessary fiscal changes coming from the spending cuts to be announced later this month.

There is no discernible logic behind the change or the timing of its announcement.

What I believe we have seen is a drawing of the line at a level of income where a future combined political party will look for support at the next general election when the coalition will plan to run only joint candidates. Cameron and Osborne will thus have achieved that of which Blair could only dream in his long gone Labour Party Conference speech, the destruction of Conservatism.

Cameron and Osborne are now betting that their Tory supportes are too dense to perceive this reality, a calculation in which they are probably correct.

This post originally appeared on the blog Cameron Clegg Concordat, linked here.