Friday, June 18, 2010


There are many words this image from an article in the Daily Telegraph this image evokes, among them traitor, liar hypocrite, opportunist, liar and cheat are but a few of the mildest. That I have chosen for this posting's headline states it the best for me.

Consider the tone of the accompanying article..... what utter tripe! There are no victories for Britain in the EU, look at our social disorder, neutered Parliament and sold off basic industries now run for foreigners by opportunistic barrow boys such as was clearly demonstrated by the leaders of BP in the USA this week.

Cameron slimed his way to power within the Conservative Party by the pretense that he was opposed to the EU and would begin to sever the tentacles which increasingly squeeze the decency from our former democracy, yet now he claims "There are things we can do at the European level that are in Britain's interest. I've always believed that. Even my most Eurosceptic colleagues would accept that."

Rubbish, supping with the devil has ever only had one end result!

Cameron joins the list of recent Prime Ministers who have directed their personal ambitions to treacherous ends. His crime is the greater for the direction and intent of the EU must now be clearer to all. Perhaps that fact will eventually allow for this comparatively young Prime Minister to be eventually held to account.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hypocrite Humphreys pompously ponders fallibility

The smug, self-satisfied traitor to the nation who has chucklingly spewed out the EU's propaganda on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme down the years today has the brazen cheek to suggest in a column in the Daily Mail, that he may have been misguided. Read it here and leave your own comment.