Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cameron on the Riots in the Sunday Express!

Amazingly, Downing Street press office, has tweeted this article so that the world beyond the Sunday Express can appreciate the complete irrelevance of the British Prime Minister, read here.

As the EU faces complete melt down it is the following that David Cameron now sees as his nation's priority:

We are looking at creating our own British Bill of Rights. We are going to fight in Europe for changes to the way the European Court works and we will fight to ensure people understand the real scope of these rights and do not use them as cover for rules or excuses that fly in the face of common sense.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lord Howard of the Night

A legalized looter of the public purse (sub-title added at 13:10 BST with this link to a more perceptive comment on the riots from Der Spiegel International, linked here)

Read what the former Tory leader wants you to read from here.

Watch the man himself, see the venom - the thirst for vengeance - from last evening's Channel 4 news debate on jail sentences for the looters in last week's riots - or is his reaction and body language an indication of fear?

All that from a politician whose main accomplishment has been to saddle the nation with George Osborne MP as Chancellor of the Exchequer, who even yesterday was happily justifying Britain's economy being subject to rule by the 17 ex-nations of the Euro Group under the control of a Belgian. Watch him from here on Sky News and read of his record as Chancellor from here.

But this posting is not about Osborne, it is about Michael Howard, this same Michael Howard who in the Daily Telegraph revealed scandal over MPs theft of public funds from the British taxpayers, (known as the 'expenses scandal') was revealed to have claimed £17,000 on woodland management costs, read here.

On top of that, as further revealed by the same paper on the following day, read here, he was able to defray some £44,000 of his party's constituency office expenses, thanks to holding the elected position of MP.

Note how often Howard refers to fear! What else does his past still contain that in spite of sitting pretty in the House of Lords, he seems so uncomfortable in his own skin? Is it that he continues on the public pay roll, in spite of his record of practically zero accomplishments during an entire life's career!

(Note - If you do play the video watch the next item as well on the acquittal of several senior police officers by the IPCC, which also speaks volumes on the state of Britain's Justice system and how it presently operates!)