Monday, January 30, 2006

Cameron's Conservative Chaos

"Pol Pot" is apparently going to be Norman Tebbit's comparison according to the Telegraph, read from here.

Meanwhile the BBC reports on the increasing revolt over the EPP linked here.

Any who watched the Politics Programme over the weekend and seen William Hague will need no further details of the extent of the treachery brewing on that topic. Will any party in Europe want to be linked with this unscrupulous bunch must soon become the sole interesting question with any topicality?

As Cameron's TV appearances become more regular and his policy betrayals increase, does not the slime ball odiousness become evermore obvious? Perhaps its just my jaundiced view!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Couple of Creeps

Watching Cameron and Osborne appear on the same platform on TV brings crashing home the complete shallowness and inexperience of the leadership team the Conservative membership has selected for its party. Maybe the immature and non-voting section of the British electorate can be won over by such types, thinking voters will look elsewhere. The opening of the Daily Telegraph report with photograph gives the flavour:

David Cameron was on course for confrontation with the Tory Right last night after promising to put the pursuit of economic stability above the need for tax cuts.

In another shift towards the centre ground, the Tory leader and his shadow chancellor, George Osborne, argued that reducing tax would be relegated from the list of top priorities at the next election.

George Osborne and David Cameron
George Osborne and David Cameron at the Cass Business School in London yesterday

The entire article may be read from this link.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Power is all?

Michael Portillo on 'This Week...' stated a politician's sole goal was to gain power - the implication being that saying and promising anything to do so was thus acceptable.

This seems to me to be the total negation of all the principles of democracy, Blairite to the extreme but probably only to be expected from one of the original modernisers of those now running what was once a political party with if not many principles ... then at least some basic beliefs which they were then not afraid to speak and argue!

To me a politicians duty is to argue his deeply held beliefs to the best of his ability and if then voted to office to strive to put such beliefs into effect.

If all parties lie to gain power (as all now seem to be doing by striving to gain votes by winning the imaginery middle-ground) the voters are then left to just guess the real motives and objectives of each respective party or more likely the individual scoundrel who has temporarily gained the leadership spot?

According to the slit-eyed Portillo, slouched acrtoss the studio couch alongside his equally cynical Labour MP pundit, that would indeed seem to be the case.

Can the Conservative Party really have sunk this low. Who will call Portillo to account in the mainstream media?

Friday, January 13, 2006

threatens his rebel MEPs with Deselection!

The report in the Telegraph may be read from here.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tories continue within the EPP

Click here to see them listed from the EPP website. Only Roger Helmer MEP for the East Midlands is missing.

Shame on Vapid Cameron who had promised Daniel Hannan MEP that the Tories would be out of the group before last Christmas.

What worth Cameron's other promises whether on the NHS last week or today on education?

Next week we will see the first plenary session of the European Parliament for 2006. Will the Conservative MEPs then be forced to take their place as usual among the fanatical federalists of the EPP from the other ex-nation states?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Reference items

Sunday Telegraph columns worth reading are Christopher Booker linked here and Norman Tebbit from here.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lib/Dems revive hopes for Democracy

The British public might have one largish political party with a straightforward and honest leader at the next general election after all (possibly even clearly English) following today's resignation of the now admitted alcoholic Charles Kennedy.

Yes, British politics could be about to become interesting again.... with one last chance for DEMOCRACY to survive. Times Online has this summary of potential leaders for the now well placed third party - I quote this tidbit from the entry for David Laws:

Mr Laws also called for limits on European Union powers and an end to the Common Agricultural Policy.

Other potential candidates also appear to have credentials that should make Blair, Brown and Cameron quake, if only the Lib/Dem membership base that will select the winner could be rapidly broadened!!!