Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cameron now abandons Grown-up Politics

I have added a link to the latest Vapid gimmick, WebCameron. Click it and if you can stand running the all the way through the introductory kitchen sink intro, try to discern what he is mumbling at the finish, is it what I think I hear?????? ..... "washing up I don't know my left from my right" .... which if so, is also true of his politics!
Letwin shredded on 'Straight Talk'

Andrew Neil, this afternoon took Oliver Letwin apart on the BBC News 24 Straight Talk programme which will be aired again at 10:30 pm this evening I believe. At least catch the last five minutes if you cannot see it all - Letwin, having zero to say of substance on policy and is floored over taxes is finally shredded on Eton and Oxford most effectively by the Scottish Mr Neil.
New Poll Disaster for Vapid

YouGov published in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, puts the party only level with feuding and corruption ridden Labour.

The figures for those who think Vapid is or is not doing a good job as leader (see our post of yesterday beneath this) now stand as follows:

February Is 46 Is NOT 19

Now Is 35 Is NOT 27

That is a spectacular seven month plunge in esteem by any standard. The trouble for the unprincipled, unpolicied and increasingly unpopular man for all morons is that when looks alone are recognised to disguise only opportunism even they, as in Dorian Grey, begin to reflect the inner man.

The Tories since the last conference have succeeded in electing ( by dubious methodology in my view) a leader who is beginning to make even Tony Blair look principled in comparison.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cameron's steady poll decline

YouGov leadership poll results for the public asked whether Vapid is performing his party leader job 'well' versus 'badly' has the following results as available from its web site, which pretty much says it all for Tories now gathering for their conference:

David Cameron

Dec 6-9 Well 52 Badly 18
Mar 16 - 17 Well 55 Badly 22
Apr 27 - 28 Well 51 Badly 31
Sept 21 - 22 Well 49 Badly 33

Today the BBC web site, linked here, puts the boot in to the struggling lightweight with a report ' Cameron: PR man or policy wonk?' and another ' Cameron bids to shed 'PR man' tag' that in its opening paragraphs contains this contradiction:

He will use his party's annual conference, which starts in Bournemouth on Sunday, to stress his commitment to developing serious policy ideas.

There will be no specific policy announcements at the four-day rally, a Tory spokesman confirmed.

So with the honeymoon over and his rating for doing badly having almost doubled in his first year, why are the party so sanguine with their totally Vapid leader. (Remember it was this blog on 6th December that first assigned this now widely used adjective as a nickname for Cameron upon his election linked from here).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tories ignoring the EU

Yesterday on Conservative Home blog's Tory Diary I posted a comment ,linked here (09:36 & 14:35), on a Matthew Parris article in The Times, which concluded as follows:

Ignoring the European issue as the Cameron team is presently doing, could leave the party completely high and dry on the likely main issue of the next general election.

Germany has made it clear that it intends to re-invigorate the EU Constitution question in its coming Presidency - it will also be a major factor in the French election campaign now underway.

We are now governed from Brussels and for the main opposition party to ignore that fact is absurd.

This morning Christopher Booker, linked here, has also turned to this theme with a piece that begins and ends as follows:

Europe, we are told, not least by senior Tories, is "off the agenda". Such a boring subject – no longer politically relevant........

So the great taboo continues. Has there ever been a time in history when people were so kept in the dark about how their laws are made? It is all very well for Mr Johnson to froth with anger. But he might be doing something more useful if he could persuade his colleagues in the "Not the Conservative Party" that how we are governed is not exactly something which should just be stuffed away "off the agenda".

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dr Liam Fox unimpressive on Afghan shambles

An interview aired this afternoon on Sky News shows Dr Fox as totally inadequate in his Shadow Cabinet post.

The main report from Sky on the action in Afghanistan may be viewed from this link.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Conservative Home Page goes green too

See the new site from this link.

I read that .... "The plant badge of the Camerons is the oak" on the Clan Cameron MacBraveHeart website, linked from here. I wonder if the now clearly doomed Tory Party leader's anti-English rant in Glasgow was not just nationalist, but possibly rather more 'clan based' or totally primitive, ........ even tribal?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cameron becomes Conservatives' latest liability

There has been much anguished posting on the fora of the Conservative Home website, linked here, not just on the 'ignorant' Scottish speech forum following last Friday but also on the apparent halving of the party's opinion poll lead and other weekend topics.

What has not received much discussion is the actual impossibility for the party to proceed towards any election with a leader who is on record as stating in the garden of his own home in Oxfordshire on 25th June this year:

"I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins."

Then in Glasgow, on 15th September, in an attack on the ignorance of the English while refusing to consider a change to the inequities that are now widely acknowledged to exist between England and Scotland:

"No one is prouder of being English than I am."

Given the first statement was made to Andrew Marr a fellow Scot, at the end of a statement making it clear he would do nothing to change the financial inequities, the assertion "I am a Cameron" could not have been more clear - even to an ignorant Englishman such as me.

The second statement in Glasgow last Friday is therefore the clearest possible misrepresentation of this man's inner beliefs, (if such exist).

Any principled Tory Party members still remaining must now distance themselves from the Cameron leadership, or be tarred with similarly lacking any moral code.

This matter is too public to be buried, even with Britain's existing corrupted media.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cameron's speech reported from Scotland

The Scotsman, linked here, opens its coverage as follows:

Go home Cameron to think again

HE MAY have appeared on every chat show in town and even - looking suspiciously chiselled - on the cover of GQ, but David Cameron remains a largely unknown quantity to Scottish voters. The Tory leader has made only rare excursions north of the Border, and from his speech in Glasgow last Friday, it appears we haven't been missing much: backward-looking, shallowly ingratiating and self-abasing, it was everything that Scots did not need or want to hear.

The man who aspires to spearhead a Conservative revival throughout the United Kingdom discoursed on such topics as the Highland Clearances, the poll tax, the way Scots banknotes are treated south of the Border and the "insult" to Scottish sensibilities posed by comedians like Russ Abbott. In short, he trotted out every cliché in the book in a speech so laden with couthiness it could have been written by the members of a blue-rinse sewing bee.


In the Sunday Herald, linked here, Iain Macwhirter concludes as follows:

The Scottish Tories now have one chance only to get back in the race. They should accept the logic of devolution and opt for independence. Many Conservatives in Westminster continue to believe that independence is the rational option for Scotland and preferable to the present halfway house.

It wouldn’t necessarily mean they cease to be unionists. The Scottish Tories could call it “independence in the UK” – maintaining the Crown, flag, currency and armed forces, but giving the Scottish parliament responsibility for its own affairs, across the entire range of domestic policy, and raising its own revenues


Finally Eddie Barnes again in The Scotsman, here, states the following:

Cameron knows that if he wants to win power, he has to move ground. Hence, the endless apologies for the past and the Uriah Heep obsequiousness.

Cynics and political experts may howl with derision. But Cameron does not care. He is not speaking to them. He is speaking to you. This is the core of Cameron's appeal. Such has been the fall from favour of the Conservative party over the past 20 years, that the novelty of listening to a Tory leader who actually talks about things that the rest of us talk about, in however patronising a manner, has not yet worn off.

The contrast with the Scottish party could not be greater. The massive sums raised by Friday's fundraising dinner (as much as £700,000, according to organisers) belied the facts on the ground. The Scottish Tory party is currently flat-lining. Struggling at a mere 10% in the polls, the party has completely fallen off the radar in recent months, an apparent bystander in the first skirmishes of the Scottish election campaign. The Cameron bounce has failed to materialise. The party is going nowhere.


It now seems even more incredible that for such results Vapid Cameron managed to infuriate so many potential supporters in England.

What a week, insulting Americans on 9/11 and his own base in Scotland and England by Friday, with the flop of the new logo coming between.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

E Coli Spinach on Google News!

And I thought it was the new Conservative Party logo. Silly me, but what think you?

Health » edit

The Money Times
Deadly E coli outbreak linked to California organic food company
Monsters and - 10 hours ago
Washington - US health officials on Friday linked a deadly outbreak of E coli with the spinach products of an organic food producer in California that sells in nearly three-quarters of US grocery stores. At ...
Is Cameron Scottish, English or Neither?

Last June, as reported on this blog, David Cameron had the following exchange with Andrew Marr on Sunday AM as transcribed by the BBC:

ANDREW MARR: Sure - another area of constitutional argument just at the moment is the whole business of the Scots and the English. Lots of people are saying now there should be English votes for English laws - Ken Clarke is clearly attracted by that - and there’s quite hubbub now saying that the Scots are getting too much public money, that the old Barnett formula, in fact Joel Barnett himself has said this, needs to be looked at again. Are the Scots getting too much public money at the moment, proportionately?

DAVID CAMERON: I don’t have any plans to change the arrangements. Obviously we’re in opposition, we have the opportunity to look at these things and we should do so. But I don’t have any plans to make changes. And we should look at funding on the basis of need. And I think that’s the right way, right way round. But I want, you know, I am a passionate Unionist, I think that Scotland brings a huge amount to the United Kingdom. The Scottish people bring a huge amount to the United Kingdom and I don’t want, and I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins.

Full Transcript

Because of the possibility of mis-hearing and the difficulty, in some cases, of identifying individual speakers, the BBC cannot vouch for its accuracy.”

Yesterday in Scotland David Cameron stated as quoted on his party's web site:

"No one is prouder of being English than I am."

He once again ruled out changes to the Barnett formula adding this point:

For most Scots - like people everywhere - their nationality is only one part of a broader identity.

They're fathers and mothers, doctors and teachers, bowlers and golfers, shoppers and students.

But, perfectly reasonably, they do expect their distinct Scottishness to be both recognised and respected.

So what nationality does David Cameron really consider himself to be? Perhaps it changes depending on the audience? Ask most Camerons what they mean by stating "I'm a Cameron" and 'English' would rarely be the answer I'd wager - read here.

In view of the constitutional crisis facing the United Kingdom over both the EU and the Union, (read 'One week before the end of Habeas Corpus' linked here, on Ironies Too), it seems of more than a little or later matter for the Conservative Party to sort their leader out!

In my view OUT is precisely where he should now GO.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cameron frets over his Scots' background

The Daily Mail carries this most amazing report, linked here: Cameron warns 'Ignorance is damaging relations with Scotland' where the Scot David Cameron appears to argue that animosity to the Scottish in England is caused by ignorance rather than by anything other than the democratic imbalance of Scots MPs determining our laws while taking more than their share of the 'British' kitty in various and ever increasing ways.

This blog warned that the Conservatives risked losing votes in their middle England heartlands if they selected a Scottish Leader, and DC at first appeared English. His cover was blown in an almost throw away remark on the BBC however, as we reported in our posting of 1st June this year linked from here.
New Tory Party Logo

Barratt News

Sorry, wrong one! This is the squiggle that reportedly cost the party forty thousand quid:

oak tree logo
Conservative Party to replace Mrs Thatcher's freedom torch.

The link and reproduction is from the Daily Telegraph Home Page, the top one of course is from Barratt Homes
Coverage of Roger Helmer's Reinstatement

Politics, linked here, recounts some of the history and comments.

The Daily Mirror however chooses to stress the MEPs response to an email on seal clubbing, here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Roger Helmer MEP has Tory whip restored.

This is apparently what Mr Helmer wished and he has reportedly offered no concessions. I therefore offer Roger my congratulations while believing he has missed an opportunity to better achieve his stated aims outside that increasingly ineffectual party.

As we now seem to have one Conservative MEP outside the EPP group it is inconceivable that given their own past statements others, such as Daniel Hannan and Christopher Heaton-Harris, do not now immediately withdraw from the federalist and ever more corrupt EPP grouping - see today's Daily Talegraph and my posting on The Strasbourg Cesspit blog, linked here, of this morning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP could prove major threat to Cameron!

The election of Nigel Farage MEP, the best media communicator within that party since the loss of Robert Kilroy-Silk, could well cause the 'Glibcon' Cameron major electoral losses as he takes his party ever deeper into ill-defined neverneverland.

Nigel Farage has often been seen by his own party members as overly friendly to the Tories, but as Cameron's Conservatives become ever more indiscernible from New Labour, there seems massive potential for Mr Farage.

The election results and links to the early press coverage and initial policy statements may be found on my blog, UKIP Uncovered, linked here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Eton cannot confer 'Class'

Crass is probably the best word if Vapid Cameron is a typical example of the present output from that particular school.

Worse than crass and totally lacking in proper forethought was the choice of the fifth anniversary of the slaughter at the twin towers of the New York Trade Center to finally pronounce on Foreign Affairs and go public in what is bound to be summarised as an anti-American diatribe.

I have as yet only scanned the full speech, linked from here but I found this quote particularly disturbing and ill-considered:

"We must not turn a blind eye to the excesses of our allies - abuses of human rights in some Arab countries, or disproportionate Israeli bombing in Lebanon."

That sits particularly ill with these two statements from earlier in his contradictory ramble:

"Syria has withdrawn its troops from Lebanon.

But as we have seen in recent months, Hizbullah still poses a grave threat to democracy in Lebanon and to stability in the region."

As discussed on this posting on Ironies Too, the bombing in Lebanon might come to be seen by historians as a painful necessity at the present phase in the worldwide struggle against barbarism.

Other parts of the speech betray the usual Cameron sloppy logic and wishful thinking, but further comment must presently be deferred. A full Fisking would be time wasted!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cameron's Conservatives move left of Labour

Appropriately enough this report of the latest Tory policy nonsense comes from The Guardian, below is a short quote:

· Accept commissioner/provider split. Review existing charges for public services

· Accept new orthodoxy that local ownership is best, though try to maintain public accountability and reduce "postcode lotteries

Read it all and marvel at the total defeat of every sensible Tory principle and lesson of history regarding the priority of individual responsibility. New Labour's greatest victory was the election of Cameron to lead the Conservatives.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Daniel Hannan breaks cover on the EPP

Belatedly the MSM friendly eurosceptic MEP finally gives his mealy-mouthed reaction to the treachery and double dealing of Vapid Cameron/William Hague on the EPP; it appears in the Brussels Journal dated yesterday and may be read in full from this link. The flavour may be obtained from this gem:

David Cameron now says that the break will come in 2009, adding in a Daily Telegraph article of 14 July that his commitment “is not an aspiration, it is a guarantee — and it will be delivered.”

Put like that, it would be churlish not to believe him......

The true distance Hannan has travelled from his earlier criticisms of the EPP can be guaged by this quote from the EU Observer article I posted yesterday, and linked in the post beneath this. I then avoided the further quote while still giving the the SE regional MEP the benefit of yet further doubt. As such is now fully dispelled, I give below his extraordinary comments on the EPP President Hans-Gert Pottering who Hannan seems set to vote for as European Parliamentary President, the report stated:

UK conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, while underlining that he does not agree with Mr Pottering on several issues, said he considers him a "very agreeable guy, polite, charming, someone who would be a fair-minded president."

He added that "very possibly" many of his colleagues in the group share this opinion.