Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cameroon's hatred for Conservatives

Roy Liddle , linked here, seems to have it right in the Sunday Times:

Now Dave digs Nye, you wonder what’s left

"Nosing around for political heroes, the Conservative party has alighted upon the redoubtable figure of Aneurin Bevan. Having informed us last month that Polly Toynbee was a brave champion of social justice whose values were those from which the Tories could learn a thing or two — rather than a hand-wringing, humourless old trout — it was almost inevitable that the Tories should take the process one stage further and beatify the most left-wing individual ever to hold prominent political office in Britain.

"Still, Nye shared at least one belief with the current Conservative leadership: a pathological hatred of the Conservative party and all that it stands for. “No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin,” he once announced. One suspects that David Cameron feels likewise.

"You wonder where all this will lead, the right-wing eulogising of Toynbee and Bevan. How long it will be before some munchkin in the shadow cabinet announces that British conservative thinkers have been unnecessarily unkind to Guy Fawkes, Wat Tyler and Gerry Adams. And that maybe we judged the Baader-Meinhof gang a little too hastily.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Income Taxed at record levels

The Telegraph headline tells the tale, yet the apparently brain dead morons in charge of policy for the main opposition party remain resolute in refusing to commit to any future cuts. Mind numbing stupidity or deliberate sabotage of the nation state?

The income tax burden has soared to its highest level since records began two decades ago, new figures show.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are Tories with us on Terra?

Upon hearing the news that an illegal immigrant/asylum seeking suspected police killer may have fled the country disguised under the full female muslim veil, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, issued the following almost unbelievable statement, as reported in The Scotsman, linked here:

"The idea that under any circumstances you could be let through passport control wearing a veil is barely credible," said David Davis, the Conservative's Home Affairs spokesman.

"Doing so when an All Persons Bulletin for murder has been issued demonstrates that our borders are not just porous but non-existent."

What planet do Cameron's Shadow Cabinet inhabit. I cannot recall how long it has been since passport control ceased to exist for those departing by air from Britain. Many years for sure.

In the early days on checking in all accompanying family members would be summoned to the check-in desk to see if passports matched, but even such a minimal control is now only rarely applied - after all what is the point in the case of female veiled muslims who could be one gender at the check in desk but quite another on passing through security.

The only surprise in this report, is that David Davis seems unaware of the realities of the world in which he lives, in common with the rest of the Shadow Cabinet, where he once appeared a talented exception.

Update at 10:50 GMT Sky News are challenging David Davis to the effect that passport controls on exiting passengers were in fact scrapped under the last Tory administration - yes it was in fact that long ago. He is presently digging himself a bigger hole, suggesting it is unacceptable for anyone other than immigration officers to perform that task, again something that has not been the case for years. Rarely has there been a worse display of someone being ignorant of his policy brief.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Osborne is not, after all, the worst member of the opposition treasury team!

Had dead suffragettes seen Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Ms T. Villiers MP on Sky News tonight .... they would surely turn in their graves and repent for what they had done.

And I had thought Blair's Babes would represent an all time low for Parliamentary Democracy?

Watch out for this walking disaster as the trickle of members away from the Tories turns into the inevitable flood.
One Year of 'Vapid'

A true day of shame for the once conservative Tory Party. one year on today, there stood Cameron at PM's Questions - to the viewers left was David Davis, his vanquished leadership opponent, but elsewhere not a front bench wrinkle was to be seen and, of course, nowhere a principle within.

Amazingly after one whole year of PR gimmicks and media spin, with his one sole election promise on the EPP - shamelessly shattered, such that the EU is not now even mentionable within his party, there has not been one single Tory MP or MEP to have crossed over, resigned nor stood down.

The question for all conservatives is now, therefore, quite simply the following:

Can you really vote for a man who reveals no policies or basic principles in order to gain election to then deliver the policies you believe are based on your own principles once elected?

I cannot. Nor IMO will the electorate.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christopher Booker's missing bit

The Sunday Telegraph, has as I found on making my weekly visit to the Booker column, got into the censorship business and the column has been severely truncated. Criticism of the failing Cameron is apparently not now to be tolerated within the Telegraph group as the first anniversary of Vapid approaches. Happily thanks to the EU Referendum blog, linked here, we can read the missing section and view the nauseating photograph that prompted one commentator on the Conservative Home blog to ask "Is there nothing this man will not stoop to?" The missing section was the following:
As David Cameron ends his first year as leader of the Opposition, there are clear signs that the greatest gamble in modern British politics has not come off. The little group of ex-public schoolboys who last year hi-jacked the Conservative Party have seemed to gamble on just one strategy. List everything the Party used to stand for – low taxes, the family, rolling back the power of the state, encouraging business, upholding our defences, curbing criminals, common sense – then go for the opposite.

The essence of the gamble has been the belief that, in wooing the support of Lib Dems, would-be greenies, Guardian readers and the supposed "soft centre", they could take their supposed "core" supporters for granted. But as support for Cameron falters, all the evidence seems to suggest that those wished-for new recruits to his "Not The Conservative Party" are not forthcoming, while the Party's former natural supporters are left baffled, dismayed and increasingly angry.

All this was neatly symbolised by the recent photo-opportunities staged by the three men now competing for the role of Britain's prime minister. Mr Blair and Mr Brown, aware that defence and national security (not long ago rating 34 percent on a Mori poll) still rank very much higher as voter priorities than "environmental" issues (only 8 percent), flew out to the Iraq and Afghan battle-zones to pose in front of the largest guns they could find. Mr Cameron, at the same time, flew out to the Sudan, in Lord Ashcroft's CO2 emitting private jet, to be pictured cuddling a little refugee child. It was the "Men from Mars" against "the Boy from Venus". "Darfur Dave" did not come well out of the contrast.

The tragedy is that, confronted by the most corrupt, hypocritical, inefficient, illiberal, discredited government in history, what millions of voters are looking for is an alternative which might put an end to the sleazy, self-regarding sham of the Blair era by displaying some "masculine" firmness: in cutting back on the bloated public sector and the out-of-control bureaucracy which is destroying our health service, education and police; which might encourage enterprise; which might restore democracy to local government; bring back some balance into our public finances; sort out the shambles into which our Armed Forces are sliding; uphold Britain's national interest, as we suffocate under the malfunctioning system of government represented by the European Union.

In other words, what much of the country is crying out for is a party which represents precisely those values which Mr Cameron's Not-The-Conservative Party seems so hellbent on abandoning. As for what he stands for instead, almost the only clear message Darfur Dave seems to have put over to the voters is his sentimental "save the planet" greenery, on which his dotty little gimmicks and practical ignorance have simply made him a laughing stock.

What many voters sadly begin to conclude is that Dave and his cronies seem so hopelessly ill-equipped to take on the serious business of government that, if we have to choose between one gang of PR merchants and another, better stick with the devil we know. Hence the evidence of the latest polls appearing to show that the gamble has failed. Ever larger become the number of would-be Conservatives sorely tempted to join that 40 percent who already feel so alienated from politics that they just stay sullenly at home. But the Guardian readers are scarcely flocking to replace them. So where does all this leave our country?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cameron's Killing Off of the Conservative Party

There is an absolute 'must read' three part series of posts on the EU Referendum blog by Dr Richard North, titled - 'The Retreat from Politics' - which is linked from here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who are the Tossers now?

Incredibly enough it was the Conservative Party who were behind a video campaign launched a few days ago based on so called tossers who could not manage their finances. The campaign and video may be viewed from this link.

Fast forward to the Electoral Commission report of today on party borrowing and it seems the Tory's are up to their eyes in debt, read my comment here. So just who are the biggest tossers of all? David Cameron and friends of course.

Cameron loses poll lead

One would think it impossible, with Labour in such total disarray and reports from every corner highlighting the national crisis, but the Tories have lost their opinion poll lead according to The Independent report this morning, linked here.
Massive mismanagement!

The Daily Telegraph reports on terrible financial mistakes within the Tory Party, linked from here.

And these people wish to run the country?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

CBI Chief's doubts over Cameron

The Independent has an interview with the head of the Confederation of British Industry, Richard Lambert, linked here, from which comes this quote:

Mr Lambert said he did not expect Mr Cameron to lay out detailed policies two years before an election.

But he said: "There is a degree of uncertainty about what he actually stands for and how the business case will fit into his view on the economy and the market.

Sounds to me as if the CBI chief should have been a politician himself, "some doubt about what he actually stands for"......... Ha, ha, ha IMHO he stands for getting elected by whatever means are necessary which might be understandable if he appeared to hold some basic beliefs he then wished to pursue.

What about the dross in his party who do hold beliefs but are nevertheless prepared to jettison them purely to put this man and themselves in power? What indeed - William Hague, John Redwood, Daniel Hannan et al?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can recruiting Polly Toynbee compensate for losing the Conservative vote?

Dump Churchill is the latest extraordinary advice to Vapid. Read it here, aptly from The Guardian.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The mannequin has no clothes

From today's Sunday Telegraph, linked here:

Something is misfiring in the engine room of the Cameron project, and the longer it is left unfixed the more difficult it will be to resolve. Since the Tory conference at Bournemouth the mood music has become less harmonious, the omens not as promising as they might be.

This was illustrated, to brutal effect, by Mr Blair when he and the Leader of the Opposition clashed in the Commons on Wednesday following the Queen's Speech. It is not that Mr Cameron's performance was terrible — it was perfectly adequate — but Mr Blair's passionate masterclass wounded him.

This was best demonstrated by the PM's destruction of Mr Cameron's energy policy. The Conservative front bench, thanks in part to Oliver Letwin (how unsurprising), finds itself in a dangerous position. Large numbers of Tory backbenchers appear to agree with Mr Blair's sensible view that if we face uncertainty in regard to energy supply in the decades ahead, and have concerns about emissions, it makes sense to begin moving in a nuclear direction.

Green energy may well prove to be "part of the mix"; for now it is unclear to what extent. To gamble the future growth of the UK economy on untested green technology and taxes, leaving nuclear as a last resort, falls into the Letwin "too clever by half" school of policy making.

Mr Blair skewered Mr Cameron neatly: "Let me read his position, which he gave just the other day in an interview in Green Futures. He said: 'I want to give every opportunity for green sources of energy to come through. If they do, well and good, if they don't, and we have to keep the lights on, then nuclear might come into the picture.' So what is he going to do? He is the prime minister and the cabinet secretary comes in and says, 'I am afraid the renewables haven't generated as much as we want. I am afraid we won't be able to keep the lights on.' So what is the Right Honourable Gentleman going to say – 'Rustle me up a nuclear power station'?"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blair and Cameron at the State Opening of Parliament

Photograph, comment and shameful links on this black day for our democracy are on my blog Ironies Too, linked from here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

David Cameron's 'pedigree' and 'credentials'

A site now based in Panama has some interesting links and apparently well researched background on the disastrous Tory Leader. Start from this link.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vapid's MEPs are whipped to VOTE... for Britain to join the Euro

The details are on the blog Conservative Home, linked here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cameron Marxist?

An interesting item from Conservative Home, linked here, has these queries:

The election of David Cameron clearly marks a major change within the Conservative Party. The values of classical liberalism have certainly been downplayed, if not abandoned. Furthermore, Cameron frequently uses the terminology of cultural Marxism, such as the description of UKIP members as“closet racists”, and sometimes appears to share its beliefs.

The question then arises: is Cameron Conservatism cultural Marxist Conservatism? Commentators such as Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens certainly seem to think so. Conversely, is it rather the reframing of classical-liberal values in cultural Marxist terms, in order to appeal to a British public conditioned by the media and education systems to think in cultural Marxist terms, but which retains a desire for liberty incompatible with the cultural Marxist project?

To my mind having observed his performance to the cameras and read many of his statements quite carefully, the answer must be that Cameron is a Cultural Marxist and he has no comprehension of the concept of liberty. Furthermore and perhaps even more dangerously, the man seems to be severely intellectually challenged to the extent of being a complete buffoon. Just look at this quote from here, of yesterday:

David Cameron, the party leader, told an Age Concern conference that houses should be designed to be suitable for every stage of life. “We must think in a new way about housing design and urban planning. Housing in Britain never seems to be built with a whole lifetime in mind,” he said."

Frankly my housing needs, now that my children have left home are entirely different than they were. When I cease to be able to drive or cope with the garden they will change again. What then is the fool babbling about and is there indeed any sort of mind at all within the slick shell capable of even the smallest sensible and original thought?

That question should be best chewed upon by the bedazzled fools in his party who elected him, his MPs who continue to support him and the 39 per cent of voters in today's ICM poll who would reportedly vote for his party?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cameron plays for greys!

Fat chance as Vapid epitomises everything the older generation has come to distrust and detest in their politicians- Spin (on everything), broken promises (on the EPP) and evasions over taxation.

Worst of all in my view is the apparent lack of belief in anything other than the drive to gain power purely for its own sake.

Most of the generation born around WWII would most likely categorise Cameron either as a 'spiv', 'wide-boy' or 'racketeer'. If the Tories want the votes of the elder members of the electorate they had better find a leader with some principles and gravitas.

For the next week, listen to his Today programme interview of this morning, from here; promoting longer working lives for the over sixty-fives, but not for civil servants who will continue to be relieved of their efforts at destroying the nation at sixty!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Total Incomprehensible Nonsense

Vapid Cameron writing in today's Telegraph linked here, argues that he will not promise tax cuts yet concludes his article as follows:

The Tax Reform Commission's report is one of the most comprehensive analyses of the tax system ever undertaken by an opposition party. It is exactly the sort of long-term thinking that should be expected of an opposition that wants to be in government.

The report highlights in stark detail the damage that Gordon Brown's tax rises have done. He has harmed the economy by raising taxes on business when our competitors are lowering theirs. Just in the past two weeks, we have heard that HSBC is considering moving its headquarters abroad, and heard from the CBI that businesses are leaving and more may follow.

Not only have Gordon Brown's tax increases harmed our economy, undermining jobs and investment, but also, despite his rhetoric, the Chancellor has reduced the reward to work for many millions of lower income families. The lowest fifth of households pay the highest proportion of their income in tax. Many families who receive tax credits take home less than 10 per cent of any pay rise. Yet those who buy a company and sell it two years later pay just 10 per cent on their gains. When the poor take home 10 per cent and the rich pay just 10 per cent, it is clear that we need a fairer system.

Of course, our businesses need lower taxes. And I want to reduce the tax bill for the low paid. But I am determined not to make promises that I cannot keep.

If Brown's taxes are as Vapid describes above so "high" and "damaging" why is he not proposing to reduce them?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tory leader poses for pouting pin-up portrait with handicapped baby son

One could list the serious issues facing the nation, mankind, the EU, the UN etc., etc.

There is no need to do so on this posting. This, or my other blogs, raise them regularly.

Corruption and trivialisation of the political process is usually the root cause of the world's major challenges!

What answer from Her Majesty's Opposition? Well, today, we have a particularly vomit-producing portrait of the leader of the Conservative Party, fawning for public approval on the back of his own glamour-boy looks combined with the plight of his disadvantaged son.

How can the typically Conservative readership of the Telegraph, linked here, either continue to buy that newspaper or support the party that this slimy trickster now leads? Can this sickly guff really succeed? Has our country really sunk that low? Could the child's condition later be shown to have been caused by the social activities of its parents - if so, what then will the nation make of such exploitation of the baby's unhappy condition?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cameron's Modernisers field Ken Clarke

As if to prove the point I have been making about the dinosaurs rather than the modernisers being in charge of the Cameroons - Kenneth Clarke was the main guest on the Politics Show today!

Watch Ken, as Education Secretary, savouring the triumph for his EU friends on Thatcher's resignation from here. Note also from the BBC News report on the same video, where Michael Heseltine was when the executioner's axe was finally raised ...... Dinner in Germany!!!!

'No, No, No' did for Maggie, not Poll Tax or the other tired reasons trotted out.

Maggie Thatcher, somewhat late in the day, saw what was in train.

Now thanks to the YouTube links we can remind ourselves that it was Howe, Clarke and Heseltine that destroyed her.

Why? Purely, it would seem, for resisting our further integration into the disastrous EU. This can be seen all too clearly in Howe's speech. He even blames Maggie for actually delaying our entry into the ERM, how laughable does that seem today given subsequent events? Incredibly Howe claims the country suffered economic problems as a result of such delays. Even Maastricht Major eventually proved that any such problems were as nothing compared to the recession and slump that followed Black Wednesday.

Yet Cameron has the gall to suggest in Bournemouth that 'Banging on about the EU' is the problem for conservatives. He should watch Howe's speech again as linked here and see who is really obsessed with Europe and how wrong they were then and still are to this day. Of course he will not, for they are back in charge!

Clarke and Heseltine still seem to be relaying and then calling the shots as received from their Continental controllers!
Man who might rule Britain SURGES ahead.

NO! Not David Cameron, but French presidential contender and current Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy. The results from latest polling show the following:

Polling Data

Who would you vote for in the presidential election?

Oct. 2006

Sept. 2006

Jul. 2006

Nicolas Sarkozy




Ségolène Royal




Jean-Marie Le Pen




The same site Tracking Global Public Opinion reports:

Tories Stagnant, Labour Gaining in Britain

Read the full articles from this link.

(This post is repeated on my general interest but mainly "banging on about the EU" blog Ironies Too, linked here, where posts last month covered such diverse topics as the following:

Previous Posts

* David Miliband the EU and the environment
* Home Office Minister Shares Scandal
* Is Osama Bin Laden dead from typhoid
* Louche Labour
* New York Times editorial calls for Blair's head
* EU divided on abandoning vetoes on Justice & Home Affairs
* Patten to promote non-democratic EU Constitution revival
* Labour set to plunder public purse.......

AND that was only the last ten days, other September highlights -

Habeas Corpus in detail which seemed to have provoked some response, Boris on booster seats, the Pope and King John, Smarties, The Australian Monarchist League London meeting,'Will Italy destroy the Euro, Did Polio Vaccine research cause HIV Aids, Wasting our ill-equipped armed forces, etc. etc.

Fed up with the same old daily press ..... try any one of my several blogs! Opinionated, maybe, but invariably backed with authoriative links and clearly presented back-up facts. Never consciously spun!
More Videos from YouTube

The Sion Simon spoof of Webcameron which isn't particularly funny but seems to have stirred up some MSM chatter...... but funnier by far is this tape of the newly bouffanted Conservative Party Chairman Francis Maude failing to explain the security pass fiasco at Bournemouth.
Webcameron down with the kids

Funnier spoofs are available on YouTube, but from unknowns - not this Labour MP.
Francis Maude not organising a piss up in a brewery

Could this man run a cocktail party, let alone a poltical one?
Cameron's Czech EPP scapegoats in cabinet crisis.

The excuse offered by Vapid for reneging on his firm commitment for a quick quitting of the EPP by his MEPs , read here and again here, is even further shown for the cheap sham it was following the collapse of the Czech government, read here and here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

YouTube, Google and Political Videos

I have been wary of posting links to the many classic political video clips on YouTube because of concerns over possible copyright complications.

Following yesterday's announcement of the purchase of YouTube by Google I feel such concerns are no longer appropriate. If a broadcasting organisation feels its copyright is being infringed it now has a large company through which to seek recompense. If Google feels that risk were real or unaffordable it presumably would not have paid the reported one billion dollars for the video company.

If this proves incorrect then Google will certainly find the means of protecting its investment, albeit perhaps by restricting certain video access in the interim.

Given the above I have therefore posted below some YouTube video gems to remind my readers (viewers) of the disaster that befell the Conservative Party when it ditched Margaret Thatcher, and of the fact that those responsible are still very much in the thick of things to this day. In this regard it was notable that 'Maastricht' Major this week had the nerve to suggest to his Tory right wing that not backing Cameron would lead to electoral defeat - as if that were not already most likely.

On my blog Ironies Too, linked here, I will be posting a video on the one thing that might save Vapid's bacon, namely Gordon Brown for reasons which Germaine Greer on BBC's Question Time articulates so well. Also on Ironies Too will be a video on one transatlantic view of the last French Presidential election, posted as relevant to the new one now underway and for the pure pleasure of watching it again.
BBC News: Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister

Copyright problems here as predicted, try this link to YouTube.

Watch the role of Kenneth Clarke, another of the big beasts now chairing one of Boy Cameron's Policy Reviews.

What new thinking could Clarke possibly bring to policy matters? More videos follow below.
Sir Geoffrey Howe vs. Margaret Thatcher

Geoffrey Howe's treachery. Beneath this see the Spitting Image take on the disaster, and again the important part played by Heseltine. The same man who posed beside his Cameron puppet on arriving at the recent Bournemouth Party Conference. Modernisers???? My Foot

Play it from YouTube by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spitting Image - Go Now

The 'Usual Suspects' still in evidence!
The Times Populus Poll

The claimed post-conference Tory poll bounce following last Sunday's ICM results was clearly of the sort expected from a medicine ball.

Tories 36 Labour 35

What the public clearly wants is an honest party with truthful politicians campaigning on their own beliefs without thought of personal gain or kudos.

There appear none such among the leading lights of the two parties above. Will both continue to compete in lies for which can struggle for a vote from more than twenty per cent of the eligible electorate and thereby claim the right to govern on the twenty per cent of matters then outside of the EU's control?

Or will the truth on the treachery wrought by these parties finally become clear to the wider public?

If so poll results in the thirty per cent will then seem spectacular to the shameful specimens now jockeying for preferment at the top of the Conservative and Labour parties.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

One time banker Oliver Letwin MP on Tax

Speaking on BBC1's The Politics Show, Mr Letwin said a low tax economy remained the party's medium to long term ambition.

But he linked the delivery of tax cuts to the completion of "fundamental structural reforms" of the public services.

"I believe that the reforms are going to be things which create a better bang for the buck over the medium term," he said.

"But in the short term I don't believe that we will be able to get savings out of those policies. Indeed there may be transitional costs."

He said he "hoped" this did not mean that taxes under a Tory government would have to rise.

Asked whether a Tory government might not be able to offer any tax cuts for five years he said: "I'm clear about only two things, first that we can't make any kind of irresponsible pledge to any specific act.

Missed the item??????? More likely you forgot it. The date 1st December 2003 ....... in the Telegraph linked from here.

Plus ça change.....!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tony Blair gets busted

How to oppose Blair

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cameron's Conservatives left of Nye Bevan?

As pointed out in the post below, Vapid Cameron has fulfilled Blair's pledge and destoyed Conservatism as once represented by the Tories in Britain. Other parties must now be found to represent traditional anti-progressive views. High ranking or other Tories remaining within Cameron's dreadful party will never again be able to claim ideals nor principles

According to Anatole Kaletsky writing in this morniong's The Times , linked here, he has also moved his party way to the left of New Labour, a quote:

If Michael Foot’s 1983 election manifesto is now remembered as “the longest suicide note in history”, then Mr Cameron’s speech yesterday could be described as the “longest shopping list in history”. And what would inevitably follow if Mr Cameron became prime minister would be the biggest tax demands in history.

Consider just a few of the spending pledges made yesterday by Mr Cameron in a single speech: to lavish on the National Health Service whatever funding is needed and an absolute moratorium on spending cuts or hospital closures; more border controls and policemen; more support for faith schools; more prison building; more drug rehabilitation services; more defence spending, not just on body armour but also on military salaries, pensions and schools; more subsidies for childcare; more money for social workers and occupational therapists; more special schools. My list of the spending commitments in that one speech could go on and on — and I haven’t even started on the previous day’s promises from Mr Osborne, such as subsidising pensions with even more generous tax relief.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Could Cameron's incoherence be down to Eton?

After watching and listening to David Cameron's first speech as party leader made to the Bournemouth conference today, in which he particularly extolled the virtues of the mismanaged, inefficient and asset gobbling NHS, I wondered if he had ever really experienced the impossibility of obtaining everyday routine care from that bureaucratic monstrosity.

I was unable to find any information on the Eton College home page as to the medical provisions for their pupils, but I would wager they are way ahead of those found in a typical NHS GP's surgery.

I did, however, find this report on the misuse of drugs in British public schools, linked here, with this quote:

Anthony Little, headmaster of Eton College, told news media organizations in England that students who come forward and admit their drug use are offered the chance to talk about their problems and sign up to a drug testing contract. However, students who are discovered dealing or taking drugs continue to be expelled.

No clue as to Vapid's first experience with the NHS, but earlier refusal to comment on possible previous drugs use and this report could explain the incoherence of the Cameron speech and his apparent total disconnect from reality. As a middle manager working in Texas in the seventies I personally encountered drug use related mental disconnect among certain employees. It was a problem with which I became quite familiar and Cameron today, flitting from platitude to platitude, reminded me of the sufferers. In Texas in those days firing was the best recourse!

The linked article ends with this other quotation from the Eton Head:

Although Eton College declined to give exact figures, it conceded that students were currently participating in drug-testing contracts after experimenting with drugs. In one case, a pupil who used cocaine was referred to a treatment clinic* outside the college because of the belief that he had an addictive personality. Former pupils from Eton said the school attracted drug dealers who know that the privileged pupils have plenty of money to spend.

*NHS, I assume LOL????

Vapid's Conference Speech

Not only lacking policy or substance - in its emphasis on family, marriage and faith schools (with one quarter other faith pupils) it seemed more appropriate if made by some trendy young Anglican vicar seeking a junior administrative post in an inner city diocese.

It may be read from this link. No need to bother going through it for some guidance as to future policy on the main issue determining 80 per cent of the nations legislation, namely the EU - predictably enough that construct did not even earn one single mention.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WebCameron Spoof

As I linked the WebCameron which featured the clearly empty-headed Tory leader washing up in cuff links, it is only fair that I provide the link to the site reportedly run by UKIP according to the BBC featuring 'Change' from YouTube.... click here.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Times Leader slams Cameron's cravenous speech

What a terrible day for Dave the Vapid. Nuclear energy questions being deferred to the people, as if the 'Energy Supply' mix, of major strategic importance, could be delegated from 'Whitehall' control was, on the BBC's Sunday AM, just the beginning of a long day of disasters for the juvenile Conservative leader.

Read the Times leader from this link. Further comment and links will follow tomorrow.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cameron now abandons Grown-up Politics

I have added a link to the latest Vapid gimmick, WebCameron. Click it and if you can stand running the all the way through the introductory kitchen sink intro, try to discern what he is mumbling at the finish, is it what I think I hear?????? ..... "washing up I don't know my left from my right" .... which if so, is also true of his politics!
Letwin shredded on 'Straight Talk'

Andrew Neil, this afternoon took Oliver Letwin apart on the BBC News 24 Straight Talk programme which will be aired again at 10:30 pm this evening I believe. At least catch the last five minutes if you cannot see it all - Letwin, having zero to say of substance on policy and is floored over taxes is finally shredded on Eton and Oxford most effectively by the Scottish Mr Neil.
New Poll Disaster for Vapid

YouGov published in the Daily Telegraph this morning, linked here, puts the party only level with feuding and corruption ridden Labour.

The figures for those who think Vapid is or is not doing a good job as leader (see our post of yesterday beneath this) now stand as follows:

February Is 46 Is NOT 19

Now Is 35 Is NOT 27

That is a spectacular seven month plunge in esteem by any standard. The trouble for the unprincipled, unpolicied and increasingly unpopular man for all morons is that when looks alone are recognised to disguise only opportunism even they, as in Dorian Grey, begin to reflect the inner man.

The Tories since the last conference have succeeded in electing ( by dubious methodology in my view) a leader who is beginning to make even Tony Blair look principled in comparison.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cameron's steady poll decline

YouGov leadership poll results for the public asked whether Vapid is performing his party leader job 'well' versus 'badly' has the following results as available from its web site, which pretty much says it all for Tories now gathering for their conference:

David Cameron

Dec 6-9 Well 52 Badly 18
Mar 16 - 17 Well 55 Badly 22
Apr 27 - 28 Well 51 Badly 31
Sept 21 - 22 Well 49 Badly 33

Today the BBC web site, linked here, puts the boot in to the struggling lightweight with a report ' Cameron: PR man or policy wonk?' and another ' Cameron bids to shed 'PR man' tag' that in its opening paragraphs contains this contradiction:

He will use his party's annual conference, which starts in Bournemouth on Sunday, to stress his commitment to developing serious policy ideas.

There will be no specific policy announcements at the four-day rally, a Tory spokesman confirmed.

So with the honeymoon over and his rating for doing badly having almost doubled in his first year, why are the party so sanguine with their totally Vapid leader. (Remember it was this blog on 6th December that first assigned this now widely used adjective as a nickname for Cameron upon his election linked from here).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tories ignoring the EU

Yesterday on Conservative Home blog's Tory Diary I posted a comment ,linked here (09:36 & 14:35), on a Matthew Parris article in The Times, which concluded as follows:

Ignoring the European issue as the Cameron team is presently doing, could leave the party completely high and dry on the likely main issue of the next general election.

Germany has made it clear that it intends to re-invigorate the EU Constitution question in its coming Presidency - it will also be a major factor in the French election campaign now underway.

We are now governed from Brussels and for the main opposition party to ignore that fact is absurd.

This morning Christopher Booker, linked here, has also turned to this theme with a piece that begins and ends as follows:

Europe, we are told, not least by senior Tories, is "off the agenda". Such a boring subject – no longer politically relevant........

So the great taboo continues. Has there ever been a time in history when people were so kept in the dark about how their laws are made? It is all very well for Mr Johnson to froth with anger. But he might be doing something more useful if he could persuade his colleagues in the "Not the Conservative Party" that how we are governed is not exactly something which should just be stuffed away "off the agenda".

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dr Liam Fox unimpressive on Afghan shambles

An interview aired this afternoon on Sky News shows Dr Fox as totally inadequate in his Shadow Cabinet post.

The main report from Sky on the action in Afghanistan may be viewed from this link.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Conservative Home Page goes green too

See the new site from this link.

I read that .... "The plant badge of the Camerons is the oak" on the Clan Cameron MacBraveHeart website, linked from here. I wonder if the now clearly doomed Tory Party leader's anti-English rant in Glasgow was not just nationalist, but possibly rather more 'clan based' or totally primitive, ........ even tribal?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cameron becomes Conservatives' latest liability

There has been much anguished posting on the fora of the Conservative Home website, linked here, not just on the 'ignorant' Scottish speech forum following last Friday but also on the apparent halving of the party's opinion poll lead and other weekend topics.

What has not received much discussion is the actual impossibility for the party to proceed towards any election with a leader who is on record as stating in the garden of his own home in Oxfordshire on 25th June this year:

"I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins."

Then in Glasgow, on 15th September, in an attack on the ignorance of the English while refusing to consider a change to the inequities that are now widely acknowledged to exist between England and Scotland:

"No one is prouder of being English than I am."

Given the first statement was made to Andrew Marr a fellow Scot, at the end of a statement making it clear he would do nothing to change the financial inequities, the assertion "I am a Cameron" could not have been more clear - even to an ignorant Englishman such as me.

The second statement in Glasgow last Friday is therefore the clearest possible misrepresentation of this man's inner beliefs, (if such exist).

Any principled Tory Party members still remaining must now distance themselves from the Cameron leadership, or be tarred with similarly lacking any moral code.

This matter is too public to be buried, even with Britain's existing corrupted media.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cameron's speech reported from Scotland

The Scotsman, linked here, opens its coverage as follows:

Go home Cameron to think again

HE MAY have appeared on every chat show in town and even - looking suspiciously chiselled - on the cover of GQ, but David Cameron remains a largely unknown quantity to Scottish voters. The Tory leader has made only rare excursions north of the Border, and from his speech in Glasgow last Friday, it appears we haven't been missing much: backward-looking, shallowly ingratiating and self-abasing, it was everything that Scots did not need or want to hear.

The man who aspires to spearhead a Conservative revival throughout the United Kingdom discoursed on such topics as the Highland Clearances, the poll tax, the way Scots banknotes are treated south of the Border and the "insult" to Scottish sensibilities posed by comedians like Russ Abbott. In short, he trotted out every cliché in the book in a speech so laden with couthiness it could have been written by the members of a blue-rinse sewing bee.


In the Sunday Herald, linked here, Iain Macwhirter concludes as follows:

The Scottish Tories now have one chance only to get back in the race. They should accept the logic of devolution and opt for independence. Many Conservatives in Westminster continue to believe that independence is the rational option for Scotland and preferable to the present halfway house.

It wouldn’t necessarily mean they cease to be unionists. The Scottish Tories could call it “independence in the UK” – maintaining the Crown, flag, currency and armed forces, but giving the Scottish parliament responsibility for its own affairs, across the entire range of domestic policy, and raising its own revenues


Finally Eddie Barnes again in The Scotsman, here, states the following:

Cameron knows that if he wants to win power, he has to move ground. Hence, the endless apologies for the past and the Uriah Heep obsequiousness.

Cynics and political experts may howl with derision. But Cameron does not care. He is not speaking to them. He is speaking to you. This is the core of Cameron's appeal. Such has been the fall from favour of the Conservative party over the past 20 years, that the novelty of listening to a Tory leader who actually talks about things that the rest of us talk about, in however patronising a manner, has not yet worn off.

The contrast with the Scottish party could not be greater. The massive sums raised by Friday's fundraising dinner (as much as £700,000, according to organisers) belied the facts on the ground. The Scottish Tory party is currently flat-lining. Struggling at a mere 10% in the polls, the party has completely fallen off the radar in recent months, an apparent bystander in the first skirmishes of the Scottish election campaign. The Cameron bounce has failed to materialise. The party is going nowhere.


It now seems even more incredible that for such results Vapid Cameron managed to infuriate so many potential supporters in England.

What a week, insulting Americans on 9/11 and his own base in Scotland and England by Friday, with the flop of the new logo coming between.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

E Coli Spinach on Google News!

And I thought it was the new Conservative Party logo. Silly me, but what think you?

Health » edit

The Money Times
Deadly E coli outbreak linked to California organic food company
Monsters and - 10 hours ago
Washington - US health officials on Friday linked a deadly outbreak of E coli with the spinach products of an organic food producer in California that sells in nearly three-quarters of US grocery stores. At ...
Is Cameron Scottish, English or Neither?

Last June, as reported on this blog, David Cameron had the following exchange with Andrew Marr on Sunday AM as transcribed by the BBC:

ANDREW MARR: Sure - another area of constitutional argument just at the moment is the whole business of the Scots and the English. Lots of people are saying now there should be English votes for English laws - Ken Clarke is clearly attracted by that - and there’s quite hubbub now saying that the Scots are getting too much public money, that the old Barnett formula, in fact Joel Barnett himself has said this, needs to be looked at again. Are the Scots getting too much public money at the moment, proportionately?

DAVID CAMERON: I don’t have any plans to change the arrangements. Obviously we’re in opposition, we have the opportunity to look at these things and we should do so. But I don’t have any plans to make changes. And we should look at funding on the basis of need. And I think that’s the right way, right way round. But I want, you know, I am a passionate Unionist, I think that Scotland brings a huge amount to the United Kingdom. The Scottish people bring a huge amount to the United Kingdom and I don’t want, and I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins.

Full Transcript

Because of the possibility of mis-hearing and the difficulty, in some cases, of identifying individual speakers, the BBC cannot vouch for its accuracy.”

Yesterday in Scotland David Cameron stated as quoted on his party's web site:

"No one is prouder of being English than I am."

He once again ruled out changes to the Barnett formula adding this point:

For most Scots - like people everywhere - their nationality is only one part of a broader identity.

They're fathers and mothers, doctors and teachers, bowlers and golfers, shoppers and students.

But, perfectly reasonably, they do expect their distinct Scottishness to be both recognised and respected.

So what nationality does David Cameron really consider himself to be? Perhaps it changes depending on the audience? Ask most Camerons what they mean by stating "I'm a Cameron" and 'English' would rarely be the answer I'd wager - read here.

In view of the constitutional crisis facing the United Kingdom over both the EU and the Union, (read 'One week before the end of Habeas Corpus' linked here, on Ironies Too), it seems of more than a little or later matter for the Conservative Party to sort their leader out!

In my view OUT is precisely where he should now GO.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cameron frets over his Scots' background

The Daily Mail carries this most amazing report, linked here: Cameron warns 'Ignorance is damaging relations with Scotland' where the Scot David Cameron appears to argue that animosity to the Scottish in England is caused by ignorance rather than by anything other than the democratic imbalance of Scots MPs determining our laws while taking more than their share of the 'British' kitty in various and ever increasing ways.

This blog warned that the Conservatives risked losing votes in their middle England heartlands if they selected a Scottish Leader, and DC at first appeared English. His cover was blown in an almost throw away remark on the BBC however, as we reported in our posting of 1st June this year linked from here.
New Tory Party Logo

Barratt News

Sorry, wrong one! This is the squiggle that reportedly cost the party forty thousand quid:

oak tree logo
Conservative Party to replace Mrs Thatcher's freedom torch.

The link and reproduction is from the Daily Telegraph Home Page, the top one of course is from Barratt Homes
Coverage of Roger Helmer's Reinstatement

Politics, linked here, recounts some of the history and comments.

The Daily Mirror however chooses to stress the MEPs response to an email on seal clubbing, here.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Roger Helmer MEP has Tory whip restored.

This is apparently what Mr Helmer wished and he has reportedly offered no concessions. I therefore offer Roger my congratulations while believing he has missed an opportunity to better achieve his stated aims outside that increasingly ineffectual party.

As we now seem to have one Conservative MEP outside the EPP group it is inconceivable that given their own past statements others, such as Daniel Hannan and Christopher Heaton-Harris, do not now immediately withdraw from the federalist and ever more corrupt EPP grouping - see today's Daily Talegraph and my posting on The Strasbourg Cesspit blog, linked here, of this morning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP could prove major threat to Cameron!

The election of Nigel Farage MEP, the best media communicator within that party since the loss of Robert Kilroy-Silk, could well cause the 'Glibcon' Cameron major electoral losses as he takes his party ever deeper into ill-defined neverneverland.

Nigel Farage has often been seen by his own party members as overly friendly to the Tories, but as Cameron's Conservatives become ever more indiscernible from New Labour, there seems massive potential for Mr Farage.

The election results and links to the early press coverage and initial policy statements may be found on my blog, UKIP Uncovered, linked here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Eton cannot confer 'Class'

Crass is probably the best word if Vapid Cameron is a typical example of the present output from that particular school.

Worse than crass and totally lacking in proper forethought was the choice of the fifth anniversary of the slaughter at the twin towers of the New York Trade Center to finally pronounce on Foreign Affairs and go public in what is bound to be summarised as an anti-American diatribe.

I have as yet only scanned the full speech, linked from here but I found this quote particularly disturbing and ill-considered:

"We must not turn a blind eye to the excesses of our allies - abuses of human rights in some Arab countries, or disproportionate Israeli bombing in Lebanon."

That sits particularly ill with these two statements from earlier in his contradictory ramble:

"Syria has withdrawn its troops from Lebanon.

But as we have seen in recent months, Hizbullah still poses a grave threat to democracy in Lebanon and to stability in the region."

As discussed on this posting on Ironies Too, the bombing in Lebanon might come to be seen by historians as a painful necessity at the present phase in the worldwide struggle against barbarism.

Other parts of the speech betray the usual Cameron sloppy logic and wishful thinking, but further comment must presently be deferred. A full Fisking would be time wasted!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cameron's Conservatives move left of Labour

Appropriately enough this report of the latest Tory policy nonsense comes from The Guardian, below is a short quote:

· Accept commissioner/provider split. Review existing charges for public services

· Accept new orthodoxy that local ownership is best, though try to maintain public accountability and reduce "postcode lotteries

Read it all and marvel at the total defeat of every sensible Tory principle and lesson of history regarding the priority of individual responsibility. New Labour's greatest victory was the election of Cameron to lead the Conservatives.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Daniel Hannan breaks cover on the EPP

Belatedly the MSM friendly eurosceptic MEP finally gives his mealy-mouthed reaction to the treachery and double dealing of Vapid Cameron/William Hague on the EPP; it appears in the Brussels Journal dated yesterday and may be read in full from this link. The flavour may be obtained from this gem:

David Cameron now says that the break will come in 2009, adding in a Daily Telegraph article of 14 July that his commitment “is not an aspiration, it is a guarantee — and it will be delivered.”

Put like that, it would be churlish not to believe him......

The true distance Hannan has travelled from his earlier criticisms of the EPP can be guaged by this quote from the EU Observer article I posted yesterday, and linked in the post beneath this. I then avoided the further quote while still giving the the SE regional MEP the benefit of yet further doubt. As such is now fully dispelled, I give below his extraordinary comments on the EPP President Hans-Gert Pottering who Hannan seems set to vote for as European Parliamentary President, the report stated:

UK conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, while underlining that he does not agree with Mr Pottering on several issues, said he considers him a "very agreeable guy, polite, charming, someone who would be a fair-minded president."

He added that "very possibly" many of his colleagues in the group share this opinion.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quote from the EPP's Hans-Gert Pottering

Taken from the EU Observer of today, linked here.

"UK conservatives have promised us eternal recompense in heaven because we can keep them on board and as a result of that there's a good atmosphere in the group."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Inside Cameron

Janet Daley in this morning's Daily Telegraph, linked here, makes the same points at considerably greater length and in kinder words as in my post of yesterday, immediately below.

If Janet Daley were more honest, or perhaps permitted by her paper's policies, she would expose that what is inside Cameron is the same lying, unscrupulous and self-serving party machine politician as all those past that have put the nation in the mess it finds itself today.

Proof positive, if any more were needed, may be found in his party's most recent submission to the Electoral Commission on loans, as reported in the press on 23rd August, The Times report is linked here.

The same day attack by Party Chairman Francis Maude on New Labour's Union Funding to distract attention was partially successful thanks to Britain's craven and corrupted media. Why are there none in Vapid's front bench team with the courage to insist that with Cameron's leadership still in its infancy now would be an ideal moment to come clean with the public over funding. Instead as soon as police inquiries began over sales of peerages Cameron was off to Downing Street for a panic meeting on funding with his possibly criminal co-conspirator.

A new start and clean party? Who does he think he is fooling?

Inside Cameron? Naked ambition, no principle and contempt for truth.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cameron's crusade to crush Conservatism continues apace

On the weekend The Sunday Times headlines British voters' desires for real tax cuts on incomes and inheritance, Cameron's shadow chancellor finally considers a tax cut scenario but wierdly enough only by stating he might consider adopting the policy proposed by one of the many Tory think tanks - but incredibly enough only so far as stamp duty on share transactions.

Elsewhere The Observer leads with Cameron attacking Thatcher over South African apartheid and his own views on Nelson Mandela. Hardly at the forefront of pressing or urgent issues!

And these two whey faced loons are supposed to be leading the party's modernisers????

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cameron's extraordinary setting of priorities for an aspiring PM

The full speech available from here, on the Middle East and National Security began exactly as follows:


David Cameron: Middle East and terrorism speech in full
Speech in full logo

The full text of David Cameron's speech on the situation in the Middle East and the domestic security situation.

"First I'd like to update you on progress in our programme of change within the Conservative Party.

Later today, we will publish a summary of feedback from our Party members on Built to Last, our draft statement of aims and values.

Tomorrow we will publish the revised document, along with details of the vote that will shortly take place amongst all our members.

And on Monday we will announce the conclusions of our review of the Priority List for candidate selection.

I am determined to maintain the momentum behind these changes so that we can offer an attractive and credible alternative to this government at the next election.

But this morning I want to focus on the two issues that have dominated the agenda in the past few weeks.

First, events in the Middle East, culminating with the ceasefire yesterday morning.

Second, the continued threat from Islamist terrorism, including here in Britain, highlighted by the arrest of more than twenty alleged terrorists.


The coloured emphasis was added by this blog ti highlight how good it is to know that Vapid has his own future prospects at the forefront of his insufficient mind as he returns from his hols, regardless of what dreadful events shake the real world!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leadership Betting Guide

The run down on the candidates by Political Betting may be reached by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Conservative Home" Censorship

As I was about to make my first contribution to a lively debate on the above so-called "blog" all debate was curtailed. Having prepared the piece I will post it here:

Good to see Christina in her usual form after quite a while for me.

Mr Cameron is a complete no-hoper, as were his predecessors, as detailed on my "Teetering Tories" blog, not linked from here!

Has "their" been forgotten on Conservative Home, as principle seems to have been among senior Tories?

Hague's threat of deselection for Roger Helmer MEP is an absolute disgrace, especially as Helmer only proposes doing what the candidate leader he supported as "touched by starlight" actually promised.

Bruce Anderson's "Harder-edge" should perhaps be "Sharper Cutting Edge" but if not one senior Tory, let alone one single back bench MP, will step forward and publicly condemn Cameron's electioneering duplicity on the EPP, then there is no hope for the country at all!

Edges and spin count for nought when your opponents' main weaknesses of duplicity and dishonesty are out of bounds for attack, because of your own.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cameron's London Mayoral Latest Mess

The following is but one of several critical comments from the front page of the usually ultra loyalist (hence no link to this blog) Conservative Home website, linked from here:


"David Cameron yesterday intervened to delay the selection of the Tories' candidate for London mayor after the party failed to attract high-profile contenders. On the day of the deadline for nominations, Mr Cameron interrupted his holiday to suffer the immediate embarrassment of a six-month delay, in the hope that bigger players will come forward. The move is a blow to him and party chairman, Francis Maude, in their ambitious attempts to hold a London-wide primary, open to not just party members, but all registered voters." - Guardian

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Correspondence that CONDEMNS Cameron's Conservatives!!

The exchange between David Heathcot-Amory MP and William Hague MP (laughingly described as Rt Hon), promising the party would leave the EPP in months not years, already a break from the leadership campaign pledge given by the odious David Cameron MP, may be read from this link.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cameron Lied! Even the Telegraph details that fact!!

The facts are as set out in today's newspapers particularly the report linked from here, titled 'The commitment and the reality'

Gone for ever must be any illusion the Cameron is an honest and reforming new hope for his country. Gone too are the final doubts that William Hague retains the final remnants of decency, following his delivery of the threat to withdraw party sponsorship from any MEPs bold enough to honour Cameron's party leadership campaign pledge to leave the EPP as was delivered on yesterday's World at One programme on Radio Four.

The list of names that could now be applied to Cameron's Conservatives is long, unpleasant but pointless. Ordinary members may leave but where is the alternative, for any who believe in traditional conservative principles?

We must now look to the actions of Dan Hannan, Chris Heaton-Harris and Roger Helmer in Strasbourg for a lead. These and others face the risk of losing their MEP seats at the next EU parliamentary election, but what would such gain them? Looking at what UKIP achieved last time around that risk seems small. Where the MEPs might lead others in Westminster might gain the courage to follow and somewhere in the land upright people might finally see some honest politicians, unafraid to state and stand for what they believe, whom they could wholeheartedly follow!

The Tories no longer teeter - they are trash!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cameron lives down to our lowest expectations on EPP

A Conservative MP called Graham Brady, of whom I have previously never heard nor seen interviewed (but purports to speak on the EU for the Tories), has just appeared on BBC TV giving one of the most disingenuous interviews I have yet had to witness in British politics.

Seeking to justify a delay until 2009 of the Conservative Party's withdrawal from the EU parliamentary EPP group, which had been promised to have been effected by Vapid Cameron prior to last Christmas, he sought to blame this treachery on a small Conservative Czech party (see our posting beneath this for the facts on that) .

We will now see the true character of the many ostensibly eurosceptic Conservative MPs and MEPs, who supposedly only offered their support to the treacherous Cameron on condition of such withdrawal, which this blog has always questioned.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Czechs dash Cameron's EPP schemes

The following is part of a report from Prague, which may be read in full by clicking here:

ODS not to leave EPP-ED faction in European Parliament

Prague- The right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS) eventually will not leave the biggest faction in the European Parliament, the European People's Party-European Democrats (EPP-ED), ODS MEP group head Jan Zahradil writes in the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

"We are willing to postpone our planned negotiations about the formation of a new Euro-realist faction in the European Parliament so that they don't collide with talks about the formation of a new Czech government. This project should not become a hostage in political negotiations on the Czech scene," Zahradil writes.

It was Zahradil who repeatedly held talks especially with the British Conservative MEPs about the possible new faction, the paper writes.

ODS chairman Mirek Topolanek confirmed Zahradil's statement.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bromley and Czech 'Mission Impossible' consign Cameron to irrelevance

As many of the once Tory voters of Bromley and Chislehurst either stayed at home or transferred their allegiance to other political parties the now clearly doomed David Cameron flew to the Czech Republic to try and find some means to avoid reneging on his commitment to leave the EPP.

The Czech press reported this as follows:

Cameron went to Prague only two days before the ultimatum of Eurosceptics within the Conservative Party who would ask him to fulfil his promises and withdraw the Tories from the EPP-ED, Telegraph wrote.

The daily Lidove noviny (LN) reported on Friday that ODS foreign secretary Adela Kadlecova confirmed Cameron had met Topolanek.

"However, we have agreed not to release any details [from the meeting] in public," she told the paper.

It is not certain whether the ODS is still considering leaving the EPP-ED group.

Jan Zahradil, head of the ODS MEPs, refused to comment on it.

ODS MEP Milan Cabrnoch told Lidove noviny only that "the ODS group in the EP is prepared to seriously consider withdrawing from the EPP-ED group."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cameron is Scottish First

Interviewed in the garden of his Oxfordshire colonial home by fellow Scot, Andrew Marr, for yesterday morning's regular BBC One weekly dose of presumably Scottish aimed light political chat and supposed entertainment, Vapid Cameron, in response to a question as to whether he would do anything to correct the inequitable Barnet formula under which the Scots are hugely subsidised by the English and whether or not he would consider addressing the affront to English democratic rights caused by the recent devolution of powers to the Scottish Assembly - answered both points effectively in the negative - giving as his reason 'after all I am a Cameron'

Conservative voters in Bromley and Chislehurst might consider a suitable protest vote on this occasion could be a vote for the candidate from the English Democrat party on 29th June!

The wider electorate will no doubt bear this in mind as the Scottish and EU destruction of our democracy continues apace.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Uncool Cameron on EPP

This opinion piece by Rachel Sylvester in today's Telegraph, confirms the gravity of the EPP crisis for Cameron as repeatedly argued on this blog. The opening and concluding (in bold) paragraphs are quote below, but the entire article is equally interesting:

It is difficult to shake David Cameron's cool. His natural state is one of calm, collected Old Etonian charm. He is all open-necked shirts and smoothies. But I once saw him really lose it.

When Alice Thomson and I last interviewed him, about three months ago, we mentioned, in passing, his commitment to pull his MEPs out of the European People's Party.

In return we got an absolute diatribe. "Can we please not talk about the EPP?" he barked, with genuine anger in his voice. "I'm sick to death of the EPP. It's so boring."


This whole thing is no longer about parliamentary groupings. It is about Mr Cameron's credibility, authority and integrity. It is difficult to see a happy outcome. No wonder it makes the Tory leader hot under the (open) collar.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cameron's EPP crisis deepens

The following is the headline of a report (linked here) in today's Sunday Telegraph:

'Cameron gives Hague month to get MEPs out of Brussels group'

This blog conitinues to believe, in spite of Cameron's statements to the contrary, that the Conservative Party MEPs will remain with the extreme federalist EPP grouping in the European Parliament. Blair's attack on the promised withdrawal at last Wednesday's PMQ would be quite enough to scare the Tory establishment pulling the Cameron strings or working the glove as the case may be quite out of their few remaining wits.

The two newspapers in the Telegraph stable appear to have been competing this weekend to see which of them could produce the most asinine Leading Article. Read Saturday's DT from this link and today's ST from here, and make your own mind up. To my mind the Daily Telegraph wins on stupidity by only a very small margin.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cameron NOW to accept EU's theft of Britain's Fisheries

The article by Toby Helm, deriving from William Hague's speech of yesterday which appears in this morning's Daily Telegraph, may be read in full by clicking here.

Meantime this morning the Lib/Dems have gathered much publicity by trumpeting themselves as a future tax cutting party offering 2p off the standard income tax and raised personal allowances - can even Cameron's sanity now not be thrown into doubt?