Monday, June 26, 2006

Cameron is Scottish First

Interviewed in the garden of his Oxfordshire colonial home by fellow Scot, Andrew Marr, for yesterday morning's regular BBC One weekly dose of presumably Scottish aimed light political chat and supposed entertainment, Vapid Cameron, in response to a question as to whether he would do anything to correct the inequitable Barnet formula under which the Scots are hugely subsidised by the English and whether or not he would consider addressing the affront to English democratic rights caused by the recent devolution of powers to the Scottish Assembly - answered both points effectively in the negative - giving as his reason 'after all I am a Cameron'

Conservative voters in Bromley and Chislehurst might consider a suitable protest vote on this occasion could be a vote for the candidate from the English Democrat party on 29th June!

The wider electorate will no doubt bear this in mind as the Scottish and EU destruction of our democracy continues apace.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Uncool Cameron on EPP

This opinion piece by Rachel Sylvester in today's Telegraph, confirms the gravity of the EPP crisis for Cameron as repeatedly argued on this blog. The opening and concluding (in bold) paragraphs are quote below, but the entire article is equally interesting:

It is difficult to shake David Cameron's cool. His natural state is one of calm, collected Old Etonian charm. He is all open-necked shirts and smoothies. But I once saw him really lose it.

When Alice Thomson and I last interviewed him, about three months ago, we mentioned, in passing, his commitment to pull his MEPs out of the European People's Party.

In return we got an absolute diatribe. "Can we please not talk about the EPP?" he barked, with genuine anger in his voice. "I'm sick to death of the EPP. It's so boring."


This whole thing is no longer about parliamentary groupings. It is about Mr Cameron's credibility, authority and integrity. It is difficult to see a happy outcome. No wonder it makes the Tory leader hot under the (open) collar.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cameron's EPP crisis deepens

The following is the headline of a report (linked here) in today's Sunday Telegraph:

'Cameron gives Hague month to get MEPs out of Brussels group'

This blog conitinues to believe, in spite of Cameron's statements to the contrary, that the Conservative Party MEPs will remain with the extreme federalist EPP grouping in the European Parliament. Blair's attack on the promised withdrawal at last Wednesday's PMQ would be quite enough to scare the Tory establishment pulling the Cameron strings or working the glove as the case may be quite out of their few remaining wits.

The two newspapers in the Telegraph stable appear to have been competing this weekend to see which of them could produce the most asinine Leading Article. Read Saturday's DT from this link and today's ST from here, and make your own mind up. To my mind the Daily Telegraph wins on stupidity by only a very small margin.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cameron NOW to accept EU's theft of Britain's Fisheries

The article by Toby Helm, deriving from William Hague's speech of yesterday which appears in this morning's Daily Telegraph, may be read in full by clicking here.

Meantime this morning the Lib/Dems have gathered much publicity by trumpeting themselves as a future tax cutting party offering 2p off the standard income tax and raised personal allowances - can even Cameron's sanity now not be thrown into doubt?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cameron approaches EU treachery

As always predicted by this blog from the very beginnings, proof that the unprincipled pin-up of UK politics gained his party's leadership by deceit gets daily closer.

The Daily Telegraph report of today, headlined 'Cameron backtracks on Tories' EU stance' may be read from here.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


The following is a statement made by Vapid Cameron in defence of his A-List of party candidates:

“Anyone who believes in party democracy should wholeheartedly support the drive to get more women and BME [black minority ethnic] candidates selected in safe and winnable seats. We’ve been willing the end; it’s time we willed the means as well,”

The new conservative party leader clearly has no idea as to what true democracy really means.

This blog remains entirely sceptical as to the democratic credentials of Cameron himself. Just how did the YouGov organisation continue to publish poll results with Cameron way ahead in the leadership election without some collusion from Central Office as to membership lists and even apparently such detail as the names of those polled who had already voted and those who had yet to do so. How representative could such sampling have possibly been? We seem to remain alone in posing this absolutely crucial question. As each month passes it becomes ever more plain that the Conservative Party has been hi-jacked by the entire philosophy of New Labour, leaving the country condemned to continuing totally incompetent and self-opportunistic governance.

Cameron's latest statement proving he believes democracy can survive manipulation makes me even more doubtful regarding the means of his own election. Did two thirds of the Conservative Party really fall for this shallow pinup conman? Speaks volumes on them if they did!

Democracy entails the acceptance of the will of the majority with voting being made without central interference or other forms of coercion however applied! Cameron has therefore publicly declared himself beyond democracy.

Democrats in Bromley now have the opportunity of demonstrating their disgust, as both UKIP and an Independent Conservative have declared they will run and thankfully the anti-democratic A-List candidates have been rejected.