Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How can Cameron and Osborne continue after Leveson today?

The first and last paragraphs of one report on evidence given by James Murdoch, at the inquiry today, linked here, was as follows:

James Murdoch met David Cameron 12 times while he was leader of the opposition, including four meetings also attended by Rebekah Brooks, the Leveson Inquiry has heard.....

Mr Murdoch confirmed he was "friendly" with Mr Osborne. He said he had one discussion with the Chancellor about News Corp's bid to take over BSkyB. Mr Murdoch said his conversation about the proposed buy-out of the satellite broadcaster with the Chancellor "would have just been to be grumpy about it taking a long time and being referred to (regulator) Ofcom, which I was very clear in public about at the same time".

The Murdoch's have owned British politics for decades it appears from all this mounting evidence - they are therefore apparently as culpable for the nation's decline as is the EU!