Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Mainstream Tory Revolt at Long Last!

Read the article by Melissa Kite in the Sunday Telegraph, linked here.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Fifa exposes all Cameron's flaws and frailties!

The failed bid by England for the football world cup enthusiastically backed by David Cameron who ludicrously travelled backwards and forwards to Zurich for this well deserved trashing either side of PMQ when he made the following, now quite hilarious, assertions:

Q2. [27559] Caroline Dinenage (Gosport) (Con): The Prime Minister explained how he is shuttling between London and Zurich in support of England's World cup bid. Can he update the House on how that bid is progressing, please?
The Prime Minister: I am grateful for that question. England 2018 has a very strong bid. With regard to the technical aspects, we have the stadiums, the facilities and the transport networks. We have the enthusiasm in our country for football and we can put on an absolutely first-class World cup. I know that many people will ask, "Are you spending too much time on something that might not succeed?" I would say, "If you don't get on to the pitch, you have no chance of winning." We should all get behind the bid.

Arrogance is the hallmark of the statement and the resultant total failure, behind it also lies obvious lack of proper planning, inability to realistically appraise the opportunities for succes (England, after all, gained only one outside vote), failure to gain the necessary intelligence on those upon whose votes your success depended and finally a complete ignorance of reality even at the moment immediately ahead of your certain humiliation.

It is on this same basis that Cameron and his small clique of big-headed bullies now govern the country and run the economy, only blind idiots could be so unaware of the nation's truly crippled financial straits that they would feel able to throw away billions of pounds in wasted aid to Ireland at such a point of history.