Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quote from the EPP's Hans-Gert Pottering

Taken from the EU Observer of today, linked here.

"UK conservatives have promised us eternal recompense in heaven because we can keep them on board and as a result of that there's a good atmosphere in the group."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Inside Cameron

Janet Daley in this morning's Daily Telegraph, linked here, makes the same points at considerably greater length and in kinder words as in my post of yesterday, immediately below.

If Janet Daley were more honest, or perhaps permitted by her paper's policies, she would expose that what is inside Cameron is the same lying, unscrupulous and self-serving party machine politician as all those past that have put the nation in the mess it finds itself today.

Proof positive, if any more were needed, may be found in his party's most recent submission to the Electoral Commission on loans, as reported in the press on 23rd August, The Times report is linked here.

The same day attack by Party Chairman Francis Maude on New Labour's Union Funding to distract attention was partially successful thanks to Britain's craven and corrupted media. Why are there none in Vapid's front bench team with the courage to insist that with Cameron's leadership still in its infancy now would be an ideal moment to come clean with the public over funding. Instead as soon as police inquiries began over sales of peerages Cameron was off to Downing Street for a panic meeting on funding with his possibly criminal co-conspirator.

A new start and clean party? Who does he think he is fooling?

Inside Cameron? Naked ambition, no principle and contempt for truth.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cameron's crusade to crush Conservatism continues apace

On the weekend The Sunday Times headlines British voters' desires for real tax cuts on incomes and inheritance, Cameron's shadow chancellor finally considers a tax cut scenario but wierdly enough only by stating he might consider adopting the policy proposed by one of the many Tory think tanks - but incredibly enough only so far as stamp duty on share transactions.

Elsewhere The Observer leads with Cameron attacking Thatcher over South African apartheid and his own views on Nelson Mandela. Hardly at the forefront of pressing or urgent issues!

And these two whey faced loons are supposed to be leading the party's modernisers????

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cameron's extraordinary setting of priorities for an aspiring PM

The full speech available from here, on the Middle East and National Security began exactly as follows:


David Cameron: Middle East and terrorism speech in full
Speech in full logo

The full text of David Cameron's speech on the situation in the Middle East and the domestic security situation.

"First I'd like to update you on progress in our programme of change within the Conservative Party.

Later today, we will publish a summary of feedback from our Party members on Built to Last, our draft statement of aims and values.

Tomorrow we will publish the revised document, along with details of the vote that will shortly take place amongst all our members.

And on Monday we will announce the conclusions of our review of the Priority List for candidate selection.

I am determined to maintain the momentum behind these changes so that we can offer an attractive and credible alternative to this government at the next election.

But this morning I want to focus on the two issues that have dominated the agenda in the past few weeks.

First, events in the Middle East, culminating with the ceasefire yesterday morning.

Second, the continued threat from Islamist terrorism, including here in Britain, highlighted by the arrest of more than twenty alleged terrorists.


The coloured emphasis was added by this blog ti highlight how good it is to know that Vapid has his own future prospects at the forefront of his insufficient mind as he returns from his hols, regardless of what dreadful events shake the real world!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leadership Betting Guide

The run down on the candidates by Political Betting may be reached by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Conservative Home" Censorship

As I was about to make my first contribution to a lively debate on the above so-called "blog" all debate was curtailed. Having prepared the piece I will post it here:

Good to see Christina in her usual form after quite a while for me.

Mr Cameron is a complete no-hoper, as were his predecessors, as detailed on my "Teetering Tories" blog, not linked from here!

Has "their" been forgotten on Conservative Home, as principle seems to have been among senior Tories?

Hague's threat of deselection for Roger Helmer MEP is an absolute disgrace, especially as Helmer only proposes doing what the candidate leader he supported as "touched by starlight" actually promised.

Bruce Anderson's "Harder-edge" should perhaps be "Sharper Cutting Edge" but if not one senior Tory, let alone one single back bench MP, will step forward and publicly condemn Cameron's electioneering duplicity on the EPP, then there is no hope for the country at all!

Edges and spin count for nought when your opponents' main weaknesses of duplicity and dishonesty are out of bounds for attack, because of your own.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cameron's London Mayoral Latest Mess

The following is but one of several critical comments from the front page of the usually ultra loyalist (hence no link to this blog) Conservative Home website, linked from here:


"David Cameron yesterday intervened to delay the selection of the Tories' candidate for London mayor after the party failed to attract high-profile contenders. On the day of the deadline for nominations, Mr Cameron interrupted his holiday to suffer the immediate embarrassment of a six-month delay, in the hope that bigger players will come forward. The move is a blow to him and party chairman, Francis Maude, in their ambitious attempts to hold a London-wide primary, open to not just party members, but all registered voters." - Guardian