Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cameron awash!

Yesterday's PMQ's amply proved that the sixty thousand pounds budgeted for trying to eradicate vermin from the Palace of Westminster has been totally wasted, for yesterday at PMQ there they all still sat. The hopelessness is partially summed up by Simon Carr in today's Independent, here, which concludes:

Cameron can't create a Tory war of words that makes everyone feel comfortable and Gordon look ridiculous. The Prime Minister is clearly raving but his world has an internal logic. "Helping people fairly through difficult times" may act as an emetic on many people but what's the Tory equivalent?

It is the persistent theme of Tories in opposition. Insufficient thinking. This recession wasn't unexpected. How were they planning to deal with it? They weren't. They just expected it to destroy the Prime Minister (and they still do).

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Michael Howard and a four hundred thousand pound drugs bribe.

The allegations may be read in an article in the Daily Telegraph today, linked from here.

This blog has never been impressed by the cut of the jib of Michael Howard, read all the three pages of links which appear when his name is entered in this blog's search bar above, (particularly this).


The David Cameron Conservative Party, as this blog has repeatedly stressed is the fabrication of this same Michael Howard - it was he, indeed, who first promoted the inadequate George Osborne to the post of Shadow Chancellor David Cameron by methods deemed unacceptable to standard fair election practises across the world, as laid down by Michael Howard, then duly followed.

Now the main opposition party descends into a furore of corruption allegations of the gravest possible nature at the very moment when the country stands on the brink of chaos, read elsewhere in today's Telegraph of the resignation of the SAS regiment's leader in Afghanistan from here, and economic ruination .... read everywhere!