Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cameron prepared to live with Lisbon

A good blog highlighting a critical statement by the Leader of the Opposition, apparently delivered in Harlow Essex but not easily found on the www. Link to 'Our Kingdom'

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The onerous lifestyle of a secretary to a Tory MP!

This is a quote from a programme "Newsnight' last evening, from the BBC website, linked here:

"Once or twice a week you'd get the odd phone call from other MPs. Mr Hague (the then Conservative leader) rang a couple of times and obviously I took messages if he rang and passed them on."

More worryingly this thief from the public purse appeared on TV News this lunchtime with an unidentified companion to try to claim she had done nothing wrong.  The full video may be viewed from here.  Clearly the woman is claiming the duties were Nanny in the home and Secretary on the expenses!  Can an individual holding a Chairperson's position need to be told this goes beyond the dodgy, whatever may be the rules.  Are rules to be a substitute for morals and integrity.

This wretch, is none other than the Chairwoman of the Conservative Party, Caroline Spelman, MAGGOT in Parliament, who this weekend was supposed to be reviewing the expenses of continuing MEP, Giles "Whoops-a-Daisy" Chichester, former leader of the party's MEPs in Strasbourg.

Mass resignations, deselections and further outings are now required immediately.  How else can the Conservative Party campaign against the real corruption along the entire spread of the Westminster government benches.  

Friday, June 06, 2008

Never trust Tory Old Etonians!

The exchange last evening on Mugabe's knighthood was quite absorbing, link here (13 minutes in). Some snatches:

Vince Cable (Mugabe).... a vain man who wears his knighthood with pride.

David Milliband... I was horrified to learn....

Peter Hitchens... you became Foreign Secretary and didn't know...

David Dimbleby... (to Douglas Hurd) you were Foreign Secretary when he was given the knighthood?

Hurd... I think not

DD.  You were in the government in 1994.  What were you in 1994?

DH.  I was Foreign Secretary in 94.  But...not by me, Not BY ME , I must plead total amnesia
not by me and not I think by the British Government.

DD.   Who else can give him that but a British Government.

Douglas Hurd, Old Etonian, Former Foreign Secretary and senior Tory over many, many  long years in the (SOLE?) service of the EU:


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fake resignations - filthy politicians

Cameron is doing himself no favours this evening as he repeatedly appears on Sky News stating that fraudster Chichester has resigned.

He has in fact merely stood down as leader of the Conservative Party in the largest political group in the European Parliament.  He remains an MEP with all the perks and still apparently plans to stand for re-election next year as a CONSERVATIVE for the South West.

Have none of these people any shame? Con, Con, CON!