Thursday, April 30, 2009

William Hague has two faces on the EU!

'Nice is a "major step" to a European superstate' William Hague - June, 2001

William Hague said yesterday that the Conservatives would not ratify the treaty ( the Nice Treaty) as it stood if they gained power. He rejected Mr Blair's assurances that it "advanced British interests" and said it was a "major step" towards a European superstate. The Daily Telegraph 19th June 2001, linked here.

William Hague demands a referendum on Lisbon to return us to the Nice Treaty - William Hague - April,2009.

Mr Hague said that, if it were not ratified (the Lisbon Treaty - blog editor) by the time of a Tory victory, there would be a referendum “in the opening months” and a Bill preparing for the vote would be ready. The Times 29th April 2009, linked here.


If the EU is now a superstate (which it is clearly becoming) then the only honest straightforward stance for William Hague is to push for a renogiation of our entire relationship! He cannot in conscience support the present Cameron led Conservative Party stance on the EU.

A rejection of the Lisbon Treaty terms in a British referendum MIGHT result (Cameron would likely ignore the result) in a return to Britain being controlled under the terms of the Nice Treaty, with the extra penal financial contributions as subsequently conceded by the Traitor AND Liar Tony Blair in his pursuit of the EU Presidency).

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Hole in the heart" my foot tis a "VOID in the head"

Fraser Nelson in the News of the World, here, comments on the lamentable lack of leadership in the Tory Party, welcome to what this blog has been trying to put across for years Mr Nelson!

A few quotes:

You won't hear any Tory grumbling in public. It's amazing how a poll lead (and the prospect of ministerial limos) can unify a party. But Tories do wonder: what's the point of winning if all we're going to do is dress up Labour plans in posher words? Or, as a senior shadow minister put to me: "Are we promising a change of government, or just a change of personnel?"

I heard it reported about Labour this weekend that they cannot get rid of Brown at this stage because the party would be slaughtered at the election, the same seems true of Cameron (in spite of the present huge poll lead) and the Tories, for things are deteriorating so fast it is the country as a whole that will have been effectively slaughtered in thirteen months from now.

Massive public spending cuts have to begin now. The IFS has shown there is at least a 45 billion pound hole in the budget sums which is growing daily, meantime the abhorrent gluttony in the public sector, led by the political class, continues apace with no sign Cameron has even noticed the hypocrisy of his own position.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It is now coming up to two weeks since the British public had a rare insight into the weirdly warped mind of the Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles MP, through the window afforded by Question Time.

I have earlier provided a transcript of the explanation by the self-destructing 'clockwork' nincompoop who seems to assume that only Maggot MP have time constraints in performing their jobs, but here is the video now on YouTube which if anything comes over as even more breathtakingly arrogant and insufferable where the whole bearing of the man seems to indicate a lifestyle of indolence and over-indulgence thus adding to the disgraceful nature of the excuses he provides for an act of pure selfish greed:

Now it is Question Time for David Cameron Leader of the main opposition party The Conservatives, who alone appoints the Party Chairman -"WHY, TWO WEEKS TOMORROW SINCE THIS NATIONALLY TELEVISED DISASTER TOOK PLACE, IS THIS MAN STILL CHAIRMAN OF YOUR PARTY , HAVE YOU NO SHAME EITHER?"

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