Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cameron damned by faint praise!

There is an excruciatingly awful article in something called the Comment Section of the Conservative Home Blog today, by somebody called Phil Goodman, it has paragraph after paragraph extolling the virtues of our lying Prime Minister (can he and Osborne keep the facts concealed over the EFSF as the 2nd May anniversary nears and Greece defaults, one wonders) but it ends with this final sentence with which the author clearly confesses that all written before is just so much hot air:

But if AV falls, Cameron isn't short of time to improve his relationship with his Party over time: after all, he has a full five year term, if the Government lasts.

I have written on the BBC and the Tory lies on Ironies Too this afternoon, linked here. Also in CH comments Ruth Lea again pleas for an EU Referendum, has she not noticed there are no Tories left at Conservative Home, they are out, as will soon be their Government!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Birthday to Norman Tebbit

Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail, says it all really, a sample:

Had history taken a different turn, this would still be a proper country. If the IRA hadn’t blown up the Grand Hotel in Brighton, crippling Tebbit’s wife Margaret, he would have succeeded the Iron Lady and Britain today would be a proud, independent nation, not a two-bob Ruritanian province of Brussels.