Monday, December 31, 2007


Cameron still dithers over Constitutional/Reform/Lisbon Treaty, read here.

Contrary to the Telegraph's headline this is anything but a strong signal. I quote:

"If we reach circumstances where the whole Treaty has been not only ratified but implemented, that is not a situation we would be content with. We wouldn't let matters rest there."


Cameron has the means to halt the ratification within the UK Parliament with perfect ease should he so choose as I have suggested before.

All that is needed is for him to commit an incoming Conservative Government to legislate to withdraw the pensions of MP's voting against referendum amendments had they been elected in 2005 on a pro-referendum manifesto. This would include MPs from all three main parties and would thus ensure a referendum would be held.

Cameron, of course, being a sister maggot of those Labour/LibDem/Conservative anti-referendum MPs who feed on the corpse of Britain's parliamentary democracy will fight such a proposal for fear a similar weapon might in future be used against him.

The smaller parties have no such fears, they should adopt this idea and force it on the Tories as the Referendum Party achieved in the past.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Arms money from Finland behind Cameron

The report in the Sunday Times, linked here, is headlined as follows:

Vegas casino billionaire bankrolls the Tories
Cameron's New Year Message MESS

At least Brown mentions the looming economic crisis.

Cameron waffles at the start on 60 years of the now clearly lethally poisonous NHS and then proceeds to trot out ever more vague cliches, read it here!

No wonder the Tory lead has begun to shrink in the latest polling.

Vince Cable to lead a Government of national unity perhaps??

Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Lisbon Treaties Signature - 13th December, 2007






Sedition and




Tyrannical and








(Martin Cole, use freely as you wish).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cameron - illiterate on the Union - innumerate on the economy - silent on the EU

In Scotland yesterday he signed on board a Scottish Constitutional Commission designed to transfer more powers northwards at the further expense of the English, read here.

Even the suddenly rabidly pro-Unionism Daily Telegraph has its commentator admitting surprise by concluding:

Far better, surely, for the Scottish Tories to have bided their time than to have got into bed with Scottish Labour, a party still racked by scandal, and led by someone who says that she never breaks the law; at least not intentionally.

This morning on Radio 4 at 0810 he was opposing nationalisation of Northern Rock, which the Bank of England was reported to be accepting as a necessity only yesterday. How does this incompetent then propose to arrest the huge outflow of taxpayers funds which grows every day and have now exceeded the annual defence budget.

On the substance of the EU Reform Treaty he has been absolutely silent. Today in Parliament his party will have the last chance to draw a line in the sand as far as the EU and this nation's sovereignty is concerned. His spokesman will be watched and reported with interest on our sister blog "Ironies Too"

Friday, December 07, 2007

Party plays public as prats

The shadow housing spokesman has pledged to remove HIPS. Caught out on Radio 4 as planning to continue with the energy certification the Conservative Party again prove their dishonesty.

Energy packs are required by the EU and the Tories will do whatever the EU orders and probably then some, just like every other party represented at Westminster.

The same dishonest idiot is trying the same confidence trick in the Daily Mail, here, but this quote shows the print media is also now highlighting these attempted deceits:

Mr Shapps has said HIPs would be scrapped because they have been an "unmitigated failure".

But the Tories will retain the the energy performance certificate from HIPs, because the EU requires them to be introduced.

Mr Shapps added: "The process should be very straightforward.

Why would Mr Shapps a newcomer to party spokesmanship wish to open his career with such deception? One answer might be that looking at his seniors he has decided that this is the only path for advancement.