Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cameron proves his unworthiness to lead

The speech on the Union of England and Scotland, linked here, proves that here is a man unfit to confront the dangerous forces at work in these dangerous times.

He claims parliament as essential to Britishness but never once mentions the gravest threat to that parliament namely the EU and the dreadful Lisbon Treaty that is about to be ratified in that very parliament, thanks in part to the treachery of the Labour and Liberal Democratic MPs but almost equally his own lack of leadership in trumpeting the dangers.

When history notes how democracy was ended in Britain, he will stand alongside Brown and Clegg as almost equally culpable.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Accessories to Treason

Matthew Parris this morning writing in The Times, linked here, makes plain his typical Tory view of the present political situation in terms only of absolute party advantage, while the fate of the nation does not enter into consideration at all. I quote his views as to what David Cameron and a typical tory should be calculating:

What would an opposition leader with steady nerves be aiming for, if not the prolonged, hard-pounding, two-year destruction of an incompetently led Labour Government's morale, self-belief and national standing? Mr Brown is there for bayoneting practice, until the Tory troops are ready.

Isn't this obvious? Can't you see why thinking Tories want the present administration to limp wretchedly on for as long as our constitution allows under a leader who has lost beyond retrieval the respect and the affection of the electorate; and then to go down to a dreadful defeat in 2010 - hit so hard they don't get up again for a decade? Don't you sense how relaxed is the centre right at the possibility that Mr Brown will be given more rope - two years' supply - before his party hangs itself? Don't you smell a whiff of nervousness on the Right that Labour might, finally and after all, throw itself from a bus speeding towards the abyss and pick itself up with a new Leader who understands how to fight Tories? Why, Labour MPs, would you positively opt for the agony of a leadership in its death throes being played out slowly in a long, cruel, humbling spectacle, before the eyes of the whole country and its news media?

People of Britain should instead ask why the MPs of both parties should now be ready to disregard the interests of the nation for the future at all! David Cameron has made it his business iniopposition to ape Tony Blair and New Labour. The dire straits in which the nation now finds itself are due to the ten years incompetence of Tony Blair as Premier and the near criminal economic incompetence of the present PM while Chancellor of the Exchequer during those same years. Supported throughout it must here be stressed by the same Labour backbench MPs upon whom the country must now rely to select a competent leader.

The Lisbon Treaty ratification will be the destroyer of the Westminster Parliament as admitted in its own debates and votes in both its houses in recent weeks.

A challenge must be mounted from a Cabinet Minister with a pedigree of political leadership but no close connection with either Blair or Brown and with an unequivocal commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and therefore a corresponding demand that Brown must immediately step down outside the rules of a challenge to a Labour Party Prime Minister, in order that the Lisbon Treaty cannot receive Royal Assent and thus destroy Britain without the vote of all the people being recorded.

If Brown clings on and delivers the end result of the Blair/Brown conspiracy to deliver the country into the non-democratic control of the presently corruptly constructed EU (see my post of this morning on The Strasburg Cesspit blog, linked here) the country is altogether finished and political manipulations of the kind considered by Matthew Parris in today's Times become only of interest to the MPs who lust after the perks of pretend ministerial portfolios in a Province of a tyranny. Even Giscard d'Estaing, prime mover of the original constitution is now awakwening to the terrible dangers in which the entire European Continent has been plaved, I quote from yesterday's Open Europe press review:

Giscard d'Estaing blasts "semi-clandestine" appointment of EU President

Agence Europe reports that Valery Giscard d'Estaing is worried about the "semi-clandestine" nomination of the future EU President, and the fact that while Europe's leaders say Europe must be brought closer to its citizens, the same leaders are well on the way to designating the President "without any consultation." He told a meeting of the European Movement in Paris: "If nothing is done, and it looks as though that will be the case, then this will be the worst appointed leader in the world. There will be nothing to be proud of."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cameron voted for Frankenstein Animal Embryo Bill.The report is in the Daily Telegraph today, linked here.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Britain's debt thanks to Brown

Why is it that week after week at Prime Minister's Questions, as Gordon Brown reels out his list of successes with the economy, lowest unemployment, highest numbers employed, minimum wage etc. etc., that the only people who look as if they believe it apart from those on the Government benches are members of Cameron's Shadow Cabinet?

Why for that matter did David Cameron wave his duped followers to their feet as Tony Blair, con-man and venal liar par excellance, made his final exit from the Commons having just sold out his country's democracy as his final despicable act via the EU Reform Treaty?

As Bagehot describes in this week's Economist, it is probably because David Cameron's conservatives are the final triumph for New Labour, read here.

When are we going to get some real opposition starting with the main and real problems facing the country firstly the EU and the pending Lisbon Treaty and secondly the horrendous levels of debt now set to soar following the burst of the speculative property bubble on top of this level of public debt (CIA data) i.e. the real Blair/Brown legacy?

Rank ↓ Country - Entity ↓ External Debt
(million US$) ↓
Date of information ↓
World 54,310,000 2004 est.
1 United States 12,877,8891 31 December 2007
2 United Kingdom 11,502,8002 Q4 2007
3 Germany 4,489,000 30 June 2007
4 France 4,396,000 30 June 2007
5 Italy 2,345,000 30 June 2007
6 Netherlands 2,277,000 30 June 2007
7 Spain 2,047,000 30 June 2007 est.
8 Ireland 1,841,000 30 June 2007
9 Japan 1,492,000 30 June 2007
10 Switzerland 1,340,000 30 June 2007