Thursday, July 17, 2008

Iain Duncan Smith MP

I have been struck by the recent high profile of IDS, not least on "The Politics Show" during the last PMQ's of this session where Cameron's shallowness was once again clearly on display.

Does IDS, as almost certainly the last legitimately selected leader of the Conservative Party, now have the wherewithal to save the country. A read of this blog's archives might convince some that he be given another chance, at least something to chew upon before the conference season, of which I provide this reminder from October 2003 from my blog Ironies:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cameron's EU Policy

Buried among the dross of David Cameron's Guardian interview today (here) is his new policy on the greatest threat already bankrupting the nation (read here). I quote

· promises to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, as long as one other EU state has still not ratified the treaty;

In other words the Conservatives policy is entirely passive towards the greatest threat ever posed to the independence and wealth of the nation. Any action is entirely dependent upon the actions of any one of the 26 other member states of the EU.

Under the Conservative Party, now enjoying a massive opinion poll lead due entirely to the massive incompetence and self-serving nature of the present Labour government, we will have nothing whatsoever to do or to say about Britain's role in the world or how we are to be governed and led, effectively leaving all such major decisions to the uncontrollable whims of foreigners!