Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cameron on Channel 4 News

Can anyone believe a party led by a man such as this, who has watched the Lord Ashcroft train wreck approach for more than two years, is really fit to be Prime Minister:

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Cameron obsessed with the Scots?

The following is from a BBC report last weekend:

"If we win the next election at Westminster, we would govern with a maturity and a respect for the Scottish people," Mr Cameron added.

"I would be a prime minister that would work constructively with any administration at Holyrood for the good of Scotland and I would be in regular contact with the first minister, no matter what party he or she came from."

When will England ever get any consideration, read Iain Dale here.
Upon what planet dwells Bruce Anderson?

He moves from failing publication as regularly as the seasons and the garbage he puts out rarely ceases to amaze, yet this morning in The Independent he came out with this on David Cameron:

"At the moment, despite three successful years during which he has regularly demonstrated his courage"

Is there a single living soul within the UK who can honestly state that they believe David Cameron has any courage whatsoever let alone the first idea as to what should be done to set the country on a course that might solve the present problems? I doubt it!