Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cameron implodes on Jeff Randall Live

The Conservative election campaign crashed into the buffers at full speed last evening when the party's clearly clueless Leader showed he had no grasp whatever on any issue. The following comment on the party's favourite blog Conservative Home, contributing to a discussion thread on the latest awful opinion poll result, summed it up well as follows:

Danielle said...

You want to know why we are slipping in the polls. Watch Jeff Randall interview Cameron on sky about ten minutes ago. A complete f*****g disaster. He defended cutting defence but increasing aid, was not at all convincing on immigration and completely lied about Europe. It was a complete car crash. Randall was excellent though and is an example to other journalists of the type of issues that the voters really want answers on. How can the conservative party stand by while Cameron is pushing these policies. Maybe it is about time we took a lead from our cousins in Australia and got rid of Cameron like they got rid of Turnbull.

More reporting linked here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cameron maxing his mortgage

The Times
, among others, reports that MPs might have to repay capital gains made on second homes accrued thanks to publicly financed allowances. The BBC suggests that this will only apply from last November, presumably therefore revealing that this is in fact now a new con designed to get the taxpayer to cover capital losses in the face of yet another almost certain property price collapse!

As has been the subject of many postings on our sister blogs Ironies and Ironies Too down the years the only real solution will be to claw back funds paid to existing MPs through their future unwarranted pension arrangements.

The recovering of money received by MPs claimed when operating within the so-called 'rules' of what has laughably been called 'the system', such as the scam operated by David Cameron and reported in the Daily Mail, read here, should be among the first to be called in, possibly with penalty payments because of the sophistication of the serial abuse and the claimant's continuing protestations that he himself has done nothing wrong.

Of course not voting for his party or any of their candidates in the coming general election would be the most sensible and obvious first step.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The full BBC interview from which this quotation is taken may be read from here.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Parliamentary privilege is the people's protection

David Cameron is proposing a new law to suspend the protection accorded MPs by parliamentary privilege according to a report in the Daily Telegraph, linked here, this morning.

David Cameron is therefore proposing that he can assume dictatorial powers should the electorate be stupid enough to vote him into office. The article contains the following quote:

Announcing that charges would be brought against the four, Kier Stamer, the Director of Public Prosecutions said the four parliamentarians had raised a defence of parliamentary privilege.

He said: “We have considered that question and concluded that the applicability and extent of any parliamentary privilege claimed should be tested in court.”

The whole issue of the 1689 Bill of Rights, the treason of the Parliamentarians who voted for the Lisbon Treaty in light of its hidden powers now being revealed regarding the conditions the EU could impose on Greece following a financial bail-out and Cameron's shameful ignorance of the constitutional implications of his ill-thought through attacks on our parliamentary procedures will form the topic of a blog on Ironies Too later this week.