Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graham Brady gets boost in Cameron's 1922 climbdown

A report from the Telegraph is linked here.

Reports indicate that the Queen's Speech will today be notable as marking the Coalition Government attempt to turn UK Parliamentary Politics into an ideology free zone where the mathematics of the deficit and the debt are the sole real imperative.

Graham Brady has beliefs, as should all Conservatives!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cameron's crushing of the 1922 Committee.

The Independent has a report, linked here, on the further moves to consolidate Cameron's carefully conspired manoeuvres to destroy the foundations of the Conservative Party in his attack on the role of the 1922 Committee while the party is in government. As the true heir to Tony Blair, particularly in regard to the latter's 1999 Labour Party Conference speech, this will of course come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog.

To Tory Party members who have had their head's firmly buried in the sands for the past several years, particularly regular contributors to the comment facility of the Conservative Home blog, I can imagine this is all arriving as a particularly nasty surprise.

My critique of the Cameron Clegg Coalition will in future be mainly found on the new blog Cameron Clegg Concordat, where the full coalition agreement was linked last evening with the crucial section on Europe reproduced in full.

The final death agonies of Conservatism will continue to be covered on this blog. The Tories opted for power at any price by turning a blind eye to the manner of Cameron's election to the Party Leadership and all the warning signs in the years that followed, from whence will spring a new Conservatism?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Obituary for the Tories and the moment England faced annihilation!

Jeff Randall in this morning's Daily Telegraph writes a brilliant summary of the thoroughly evil disaster that was the New Labour Project, linked here.

Of greater interest to readers of this blog is the fate of the Tories. Am I the only Englishman this morning amazed at the new Prime Minister's sudden dash to the small subsidiary country to our north to visit Alex Salmond, the loud mouth Scot who less than one week ago was slavering on our television screens as to how much (he refused to offer any actual demand) he would be able to extract via Brown from the English taxpayers as the price for keeping that despot in power? This blog has much in its archives on the doubts as to where David Cameron's true loyalties lie, given his boastfulness about the strength of the Scottish blood flowing through his veins and ambivalent attitude to the unequal funding arrangements in force across the UK.

I blogged elsewhere on the providential nature of the final voting figures and seat distribution in last week's election, but look closely at the numbers and one can quickly see how close England came to facing economic strangulation by the combined forces of the Brown henchmen and the Celtic fringe nationalists. If there is to be electoral reform the English must now ensure that an outcome that almost took place this week can never again remain a possibility under our constitutional arrangements.

As Cameron in his new role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has seen fit to prostrate himself before the First Minister of the junior and subsidiary so-called Scottish Parliament it appears that the English must rely on the polyglot Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to protect their interests, yet given his admiration for all that the misguided and corrupted EU represents, how can we possibly do so?

One thing is certain at this dawn of the new Coalition Politics, not just New Labour but also the old Tory Party and its values have today been cast aside.

The progress of the coalition, which presently has my full support in view of the numerical imperatives (for which Cameron is to blame), may be followed on my new blog, linked here and added to the side-bar links. My beliefs in what I can best describe as the old Conservative values nevertheless remain intact, albeit nowhere represented in Britain's Parliamentary party politics

Friday, May 07, 2010

David Cameron offers Liberal Democrats generous terms!

This blog was incredibly impressed with the offer just now made by David Cameron to the Liberal Democrats to reach an agreement to form a stable government to solve the national crises.

If this offer is carried through to a final agreement and governance, this blog can foresee offering its support to David Cameron in such a Government, an eventuality it could not have envisioned had a Tory majority been obtained!
Financier behind this Fiasco and Failure interviewed by Telegraph

The interview may be read from here. A quote:

Q – Have you damaged your party?

“I think anything negative by anybody in a party for a small period of time causes something adverse, as to whether it has affected this election I very much doubt it.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Should Cameron fail he should be fired next Monday!

The performance by Cameron on yesterday's Andrew Marr Show, the transcript of which may be read from here (also now added to the posting on the subject of that interview in the post below), will rob Cameron of any authority to impose the drastic cuts needed should he be fortunate enough to now gain a working majority.

Cameron's failure to gain a working majority after years leading the opposition to the most profligate and incompetent administration in the nation's modern history must condemn Cameron to removal by the party, should anything other than a working majority have been obtained by the Conservative Party at this time next week.

Such a Conservative majority would be close to a miracle considering the dishonest manner in which the party's campaign has been run!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cameron's evasions prove his unfitness for Governance!

The transcript of the string of shameless evasions the Conservative Leader employed in this morning's interview on the Andrew Marr Show will be posted here tomorrow when the transcript of the broadcast is available from the BBC.

(3rd May links added: transcript here, video link here).

They will become a platform for defiance were he to be elected to become Prime Minister next Thursday.

The measures for Greece to cure a similar debt and deficit problem agreed by the Greek PM and his Cabinet this morning, include the following, as reported by Reuters, linked here:

Under the deal with the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Greece plans to cut the deficit to 8.1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010, 7.6 percent in 2011 and 6.5 percent in 2012.

The deficit would not fall below the EU's 3 percent of GDP limit until 2014. Debt was expected to rise to nearly 150 percent in 2013, before falling from 2014.

He said the measures included a rise in value-added tax (VAT) to 23 percent from 21 percent, a 10 percent hike in fuel, alcohol and tobacco taxes and a further reduction in public sector salaries and pensions.

We must wait to see if the Eurogroup leaders now have the nerve to force these huge commitments upon their peoples via enforced parliamentary votes, especially considering the near certainty that the funds will never be repaid or that more will not soon be required elsewhere within the eurozone.

Meantime, how can any prospective UK Prime Minister expect to call upon the sacrifices necessary to cure Britain's similarly horrendous deficit and debts when he has so far avoided even beginning to confront reality and coming clean with the electorate? Marr suggested that Conservative cuts of around eleven billion equaled only some 17 to 20 per cent of the total being suggested by the Institue of Fiscal Studies...... Cameron's disgraceful response may be read from a link to be placed here tomorrow, or by tuning in to the BBC Parliament Channel for a re-run of the interview this evening.

Only UKIP by calling for fifty billion pounds worth of cuts this year and a withdrawal from the train wreck that is now the EU presently seems worthy of your vote this week! For reasons why real conservatives should not vote Tory read Peter Hitchens today in the Mail on Sunday, linked here.