Friday, May 27, 2011

Two top headlines from the The Mail Online this morning that should shame every Tory in the land:

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UK doles out more aid than any other country: Despite the savage cutbacks at home, we top world league in foreign aid

David Cameron has announced foreign aid will go to countries such as Egypt to help develop democracy
David Cameron's decision to pump millions into foreign aid while making cuts at home led to Britain being dubbed 'the 'soft touch' of the international community by one MP. At the G8 summit, being held in northern France, the PM announced plans to funnel £110m of taxpayers’ cash to Egypt, Tunisia and Middle Eastern countries over the next four years to develop democracy.

Immigration is 'out of control', admits minister: Rising numbers dash Tory hopes of cuts

Net migration to the UK has risen to levels not seen since before the recession Net migration increased at the fastest rate since Labour opened Britain’s doors to workers from the Eastern European states that joined the EU seven years ago.