Monday, November 07, 2011

Tory Crisis Grows

The Slog now has seen reality, a quote from the latest comment:

The business case for departure from the EU is extremely powerful, but blocked at every turn by pols and bureaucrats who can talk only in terms of fear: how would we cope? where would we sell? What would the penalties be? Nobody can give all the answers to these weak-kneed questions, but what we can do is point out that with £118bn less to find each year (and another £40bn bill about to be dumped on our welcome mat) we'd be off to a flying start. The fact of the matter is that redistributionist Europe and its chocolate soldiers are history: the future lies in making added-value products, and selling them to a bottomless market called Asia.
Between mad pc on the one hand and the BNP on the other, there is a largely untapped area of the electorate called Decency & Common Sense. I think we have reached the stage now where one major defection of a senior Tory or a leading media figure to UKIP just might prove to be a game-changer. UKIP now has the same level of Opinion Poll Support as the LibDems. A joint Tory/UKIP ticket in winnable seats would produce a comfortable majority in many of them; but that would require wholesale regime change in the Conservative Party.
A teeterer becomes a quitter!

The linked post describes the anguish of a former Conservative, "Breaking up is hard to do" from Beneath the Wig Blog