Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cameron's dumping of his party

As Cameronism collapses, the following point was well made by Peter Oborne yesterday, linked here:

In private, Cameron’s circle make no secret about why he has chosen to govern through a tight-knit inner group. The leader and his Chancellor were the two favoured graduates from the exclusive and well-trained school of modernisers (initially led by Michael Portillo and Francis Maude) which captured the party at the turn of the century. This faction was transfixed by the success of Tony Blair – rather than being revolted by New Labour’s methods, they sought to copy them.
They enthusiastically embraced many of the worst aspects of Blairism: the obsession with very rich men; the divergence between public statements and private conduct; the preference for policy-making through private cabal; and the almost demented Blairite contempt for their own party members.