Monday, May 28, 2012

Ex Tory Minister grasps Cameron's "credibility is blown away"!

David Mellor, who ran Mr Hunt’s department under the last Tory government in the 1990s, said Mr Hunt had only survived to protect Prime Minister David Cameron. Mr Mellor said that he thought there would be a “number of scalps” from the fallout of the Leveson inquiry into press standards. He told Sky News’ Murnaghan: “Jeremy Hunt will probably have to go. But I think the real scalp is the Prime Minister – he won’t have to resign but his credibility is blown away.

The report may be read in full from the Daily Telegraph this morning linked here.

Such a conclusion is not even related to that newspaper's main headline today regarding the latest item of expenses fiddling by senior politicians, in this case Tory Party Chair and Cameron appointee, the Cameron ennobled Baroness Warsi, read here.

Everything, but everything, that Cameron has either touched or attempted during his trenure as party leader, itself achived as a result of blatant manipulations, fully detailed on this blog, has turned to complete disaster not just for his own party as was initially the case,) but now for the country itself.

It is only the Conservative Party that can now effect the obvious remedy!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tories believe Murdochs can do no wrong!


The Conservatives believe Cameron and Osborne are fit people to run the country, naturally they would believe the Murdochs are fit to run such a company. Do any left in the party now hold a moral scruple between them?