Friday, January 28, 2011

Cameron at Davos - Lists why the UK should quit the EU!

Here is a section the British Prime Minister's speech of this morning:

Now, there are some who say that slow-growth status for Europe is inevitable.
They are the pessimists – and this is their charter.
  • One – we in Europe are incapable of solving our debt and deficit problems.
  • Two – we’re unable to compete with dynamic economies because we’ll always be over-burdened with regulation and bureaucracy.
  • Three – we’re hardwired to be consumers and not producers.
  • And four – we’re attached to liberal values that are leaving us far behind the juggernaut of authoritarian capitalism.
Today, I want to make the case for optimism – for confidence in our future. We can overcome these problems but we do need a change of direction. Huge deficits don’t just fall out of the sky.

There is absolutely zero chance of the EUabandoning any of those four quoted reasons which will continue to lead to poverty for all Europeans in a non-democratic authoritarian nightmare. Yet late in his speech Cameron states:

But above all what we urgently need in Europe is an aggressive, pan-continental drive to unleash enterprise.

Cameron knows he will never get that, indeed he was elected to lead his party precisely because he assured his party members that he accepted that fact and PROMISED a referendum, the end result of which would have been a certain UK exit from the bureaucratic nightmare the EU has become.

As the world economy falls to pieces, why should the UK seek its own way out when tied to this non-democratic juggernaut while ignoring older friends across the world? At least President Sarkozy's speech the day before (video on Ironies Too) addressed the real issues!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Dare I say it?" Not if you are a real leader!

David Cameron was at his slippery slimiest best on the Andrew Marr show yesterday, read the transcript from here. One phrase in particual makes absolutely plain that he is completely clueless about the purpose and point of the Prime Ministerial office he supposedly fills, it was this:

Now there is a lot of room for local authorities to share back office costs, to cut out bureaucracy, to stop waste, to stop doing some things that weren't adding value. All organisations have to do that. Dare I say it, even the BBC has to do it.

A dowager duchess at a select dinner party might preface a sentence with "Dare I say it" a Prime Minister, responsible for the governance of a nation can only appear as an effete and useless fop when using such a phrase.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Bernard Ingham wrote on Heseltine's 1986 resignation from the Cabinet earlier this week in the Yorkshire Post, linked here. Those who like me believe that the whole Heseltine saga is all part of a wider EU plot, and that the former Tarzan's huge elevation by Cameron has the potential to collapse the entire coalition should read the article in full. Others may rest content with Thatcher's former Press Sectretary's concluding paragraphs, quoted here:

So what was it all about? Did the flamboyant Heseltine spontaneously combust with frustration? Did he calculate that Thatcher was so weak – or could be so weakened after the "leak"– that she could be toppled just when the economy was coming right? Or, with an eye to the future, was he seeking martyrdom on the cross of Europe by an overbearing PM who "denied free discussion"?

These are nice questions. Tarzan, as he was called, is more complex than he looks. He cannot evade the charge of premeditation because he managed to cobble together a 20-minute 2,500-word press statement soon after his resignation. And who was instrumental eventually in bringing Thatcher down? Why, Heseltine at the prompting of another Eurofanatic, Sir Geoffrey Howe. And what was then the issue? Why, Europe – just like the Westland affair.

Cameron beware, lumbered as you are with a mainly Eurosceptic Conservative Party and Europhile Liberal Democrats. Europe haunted Thatcher and Major and tore at New Labour. It will try to sink its teeth into you, too. It dogs all governments.
Cameron's puppeteer finally comes out

The Wall Street Journal covers the emergence of Michael Heseltine from the shadows, read here.

Ever since the vapid, two-faced shyster Cameron emerged into the limelight of the upper echelons of the treacherous Tory party it was perfectly obvious that somebody far more senior and well-connected within Europe must be pulling his strings. This blog has hinted long and often that it was none other than the man who unseated Maggie Thatcher and took the reins from the traitor Edward Heath in driving our democracy to destruction. Three images show Heseltine's true colours, here with Blair and Clarke for Open Europe, here with his puppet and presently PM and here most fittingly dressed up as a soldier!

I emphasise the significance of the latter picture as only those of us who suffered the misfortune of being educated indoctrinated for any time in the boarding schools of Britain's public school system will recognise that the most sadistic and worthless of our contempories tended to rise to the upper ranks of their often compulsory cadet forces! The actual image of Heseltine, complete with swagger stick, that I recall as being so typical I cannot trace this morning but I will place it here if I come across it.

So the Conservative Party must this morning accept that it has been completely duped. Happily next Tuesday the perty can kick out the EU Bill sending Cameron and Heseltine to oblivion shortly thereafter, if they fail so to do than the voters of Oldham can show their own disgust accordingly.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cameron's private hopes for LibDem victory

Such is the headline to an FT report just filed from George Parker in Oldham. He claims that in spite of the Tories having been only 2,500 votes behind the victorious and lying Labour candidate Phil Woolas at the May 2010 General Election, Cameron and his aides are privately hoping for a morale boosting victory by the LibDem candidate next Thursday.

Now there's a thing, a Tory PM and party leader hoping to be defeated by a LibDem!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

David Cameron should pay his £300,000 inheritance windfall back to the taxpayers!

The Daily Mail reports that Britain's Prime Minister has received a tax free inheritance of three hundred thousand pounds. Read the full report from here.

On this blog on 10th February 2010 the fact that Cameron had manipulated his mortgages seemingly to optimize his MP expense claims, again as reported by the Daily Mail, linked here, was commented upon by this blog, read here.

It was only recently, on 12th November 2010, that this blog noted Cameron's father had been in receipt of a  typical annual payment from the EU for £247,000.

As the money forming this inheritance comes via his father, would it not seem reasonable in view of the many payments received by the pair from the public purse, for the Prime Minister to transfer this £300,000 back to the treasury to ease the austerity which Cameron claims we must all collectively suffer?
Tories not trying in Oldham?